Copyright Tolerations

Hello fellow developers! I am in the process of developing a “role-play” shopping store.

I have no copyrights at all in the whole game at the moment, I already know about copyright groups, but I am wondering about products.

I was thinking of adding electronics such as Apple Products, or Xbox, but I didn’t want to chance anything at all.

Is doing this in violation of the Roblox copyright?


( IGNORE MY OPINION BTW I DON’T REALLY KNOW ABOUT IT) there’s not really much games, like, if you search on groups, It shows just like the biggest group called “The Robloxian Walmart” or if you search Carrefour there’s just groups with low members, I think maybe because of it’s not allowed Using real life brands on Roblox

Not allowed without brand concern*

I wouldn’t be making income off the so called “copyright items” like you would a group, but I am wondering if it would be fine as a in store item.

I’ve seen many games using direct products from brands as @ignacasas06 stated.

You might not experience any issues using products from actual brands but just to be safe I would remove any logos or whatever from the actual item and you should be fine.

Wouldn’t removing logos be using their product without consent, other than using their item, then using their logo to represent their item? Leading people to wanting to buy their item in real life?

You can try to remake the logo, a little bit different, so for example: image

It’s really up to you.

If you are modelling or building the product yourself and not adding a logo there would be really no association to the actual brand. You can also make your own logo for it that is maybe a reproduction of the actual thing.

At the end of the day you made you the item.

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Devs really need to understand that if you don’t have explicit permission from the brand, logos, or products (within reasonable identity), or can’t prove that you have a CC license, that means you should not use the assets.

I’ve said this many times: seeing other devs use assets doesn’t mean you’re allowed to.

They could be risking themselves, or have permission, you don’t know and it’s honestly not worth the risk of copyright strikes when you can very easily spend 30 seconds thinking of made-up brands that fit in juuuuust fine.


If you’re not the owner of the content, don’t use it.
Even if someone else is using copyrighted content, that does not mean it’s fine. Don’t risk the takedown of your game and possible account moderation.
I would stick to “rPhones” and “rBoxes” to stay safe.


I think this is the answer image


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