Core Gui Consistency

As a Roblox developer, it is currently hard to design UI around the permanent Roblox UI because it keeps changing, and is spaced awkwardly. Take for example, my game HomeBuilder 2. I designed the Menu around using topbar inset space so that my UI would fit seamlessly with the Core UI I couldn’t do anything about.

This can be seen in a screenshot I took of an old youtube video:

But at some point since then, it has been updated and now looks like this:

with chat:

My issues with the new design are that:

  1. The X padding is very different from the Y padding, which is made particularly bad when the default chat button is up there
  2. The button is no longer vertically centered along the inset, instead hugging the lower edge.

I notice as well that if I go into a game like Adopt Me which cloned the Roblox Chat to give it custom functionality, their two buttons now use completely different styles and they would have to merge the new UI with their old modification for it to match again.

So I really have two seperate issues here but having them addressed would really help give flexibility to developers UI workflows:

  1. UI that I can’t modify should at the very least be very cleanly spaced and centered to help other UI naturally fall in line with it
  2. UI that I can’t modify shouldn’t change in a way that changes the aesthetics/alignment in a way that would require developers to modify their UI (This is more of a complicated issue to pinpoint because there’s many possible solutions)

I understand that Roblox’s look as a whole is going to adapt, and you need cross-game consistency so that players can always find things like the exit button, but this is a small frustrating thing to have changed up on us. Maybe give us a setting that lets us pick between “default placement” (whatever y’all feel like setting it to on a given day) or keeping it perfectly centered within the top left 36x36 pixel region. I’m not sure but I want to make use of the top left of the screen without it being a mess.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the excessive amount of text over a couple pixels of padding