Core Gui game customization

Hello there, I’d like to avoid bumping this rather old post, but I’ve noticed some recent changes in terms of the look and layout of the CoreGui, with changes to the top bar being released and some other changes seemingly being rolled out to smaller groups of players.

While there is a focus on the CoreGuis and these changes are underway, is there any possibility of letting developers make changes to the escape menu in the following ways;

  • Letting the game owner set the header text to instead be a game’s image logo
  • Letting the game owner set a background image for the menu
  • Letting the game owner create a Game Settings tab that then features a series of client-read only variables
  • Letting the game owner enable/disable the Invite Friends button (Per-place context; In Zombie Strike I’d be able to invite friends into the lobby area, but once I’m playing a level they can’t join me, so the developer disables the button.)
  • Letting the game owner change the default menu icons. This would help a game maintain its visual theme
  • Letting the game owner change the default colour pallete of the menu, again to maintain a visual theming
  • An event or property that will let us check what CoreGui menu is open, and what the mouse is currently hovering over, with some reference to screen position. This would allow developers the ability to make their own tool tips for certain buttons. If we have detected that a player’s FPS is dropping to 40, and they’re on Graphics setting 10, we could prompt them to change it to automatic using small popups beside buttons every step of the way.

Edit: In reference to the last point there, I know that the GuiService lets you see if a CoreGui menu is open, but its a bool. Being able to see what specifically is open would allow us to use the space surrounding the menu to guide players.


I actually really like the new menu, it’s a lot more practical for portrait mode on mobile, but I think the biggest thing they should allow us to change is the information displayed on the controls page. A lot of games have custom keybinds and controls, and it’d be great if we could show those on the built-in controls page.

The menu should respect the theme choice set on the website, and if they provided an API to retrieve user choice to developers, I’d be more than happy to ensure my in-game UI respects these choices too