CorePackage PurchasePromptImpl experiencing error after a game pass is purchased; all purchase prompts cease to show

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Seeing as I was able to reproduce the error specified in the above post in both Roblox Studio and a live game, I have decided to take this to the Engine Bugs category.

Issue: It seems that the CorePackage PurchasePromptImpl is experiencing an error, “unable to cast double to token”. If a user accepts a game pass purchase after PromptGamePassPurchase is used, this error will be spat out to the console. This also prevents other purchase dialogues from appearing.

Developer Console in a live game:

Studio Output:

Aside from other purchase dialogues, I am unsure if anything else is affected by this error. My concern is that other CorePackages are also throwing errors as a result of this.


Yes, this is most definitely an engine bug!

This is happening for me as well, I have discovered it yesterday in a live-game. My PromptGamePassPurchaseFinished event also appears to be endlessly repeating the same data for some reason.

Thanks for reporting this, it is being investigated.


We have released a fix for this issue to production, it will be fixed with your next Client/Studio restart.


I noticed that now if I join a game already owning a certain gamepass and attempt to purchase it in-game, no prompt displays indicating I already own the gamepass like it used to. Is that expected?

That isn’t supposed to be happening. Does this happen with all games/game passes, or is it possibly something odd with the particular game? I wasn’t able to repro this behavior myself.