PromptGamePassPurchase Error

Getting this error after I successfully purchase a gamepass. After I purchase one gamepass in-game, the prompt for purchasing other gamepasses won’t show up. Pretty sure this is a ROBLOX issue but not sure.

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What code is causing this? It looks like the problem is just coming from line 25…

I didn’t write the script. It’s a roblox script in “CorePackages”

I should’ve noticed it came from a CorePackages…
If this is a core script that caused the problem directly, then I would think this is a Roblox issue as well.
If you are able to consistently reproduce this, and it does not fix itself via testing this in a real game and it looks like it wouldn’t, try following post approval procedures to transfer this to #platform-feedback:engine-bugs, and if it does fix itself, it probably goes in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs.

Wouldn’t fit in Studio bugs since it’s not Studio-specific. That being said, I was indeed able to reproduce this even in Roblox Studio. I prompted myself a purchase and bought it - the CorePackages script spat out an error. This also prevented the purchase prompt from showing again.

I’ll make a bug report.


Today when i checked the gamepass i did some days before just broke and gave me the same error. This is a studio bug.

You’ll no longer be receiving this error.

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