Corrupted [Looking for Testers]

Hello, i am looking for beta testers for my game! If you would like to beta test my game, please fill out this form :briefcase:: //CLOSED//Corruped [Beta Testers]

After filling this form out, i will check everyone’s reply’s.

My game is all about, Horror, escaping from danger/corruption, and also curing :123: Good luck! Its a simple application

Some people will get in depending on their answers, if you get picked, your job is to beta test the game to make sure their are no bugs and glitches that players will find


You can easily request official qualified testers here. Testing Featured Game Updates Through QA

I hope your game testing goes well :slight_smile:

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Thank you for showing me this, this is really helpful :slight_smile:

No problem! Happy to help. Hope your game goes well.

Wait, how am i supposed to contact a Game Tester?

You can join their discord and post for testing etc, it will inform you when you join.

I sent the form, Username: Abd_Dev

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You are able to request testing sessions through the application in their discord server that you can find in the #public-rules channel, if your application gets accepted, they will try their best to find a specific time that would be suitable for you. I hope this information helped you.


Thank you, you and U_Doge are really helpfuk


No problem, happy to help :slight_smile:

The Beta Testers have been added, make sure to be ready at 2pm Eastern Time


I’m a tester. I can help you if you need it