Testing Featured Game Updates Through QA

Hello Developers,

The Developer Relations Team provides developers participating in the Featured Games program the ability to test their updates through the DevRel Community QA Team. We encourage developers who want to push an update to their game while it’s featured to utilize the QA group. If your game breaks in the middle of a featuring rotation, your game may be pulled from the featured sort.

We’ve written this guide to direct you to the proper channels to receive QA testing so that you can ship updates at your own pace and have them reliably tested before they go live.

Requesting QA testing

When you are ready to push an update, you’ll want to join the unofficial DevRel Community QA Team’s Discord server. There are instructions on verifying yourself. Once you are in the server, you’ll want to check out the #public-rules chat and find a form to fill out to get your game tested.

Invite link to the unofficial DevRel Community QA Team Discord Server: https://discord.gg/vub3KZm

When you should request QA testing

Please do not request QA testing until your update is ready to be shipped. Make sure the update is significant enough to warrant in-game testing. The general rule of thumb is that you should test your updates through QA when you’re publishing a major update to your game.

Please give the QA team 24 hours of advance notice at minimum. There are many variables that go into how quickly they can mobilize the QA team for testing, so it’s best to give them time to work.

Testing your game

We highly encourage you to publish updates that you’re testing to a separate place file. It would be destructive to overwrite your game with a broken version and lose players, or even your game’s featured status, over it.

You should also check out the Developer Hub for useful articles on Roblox’s debugging tools, such as the MicroProfiler (https://developer.roblox.com/articles/MicroProfiler) and Network Simulation Mode (https://developer.roblox.com/articles/Network-Simulation-Mode)

Additionally, testing in Studio is not always sufficient. While Studio can be an effective environment for quick tests, it’s not quite the same as having a server full of people from all over the world actively trying to break as much as they can.

Please do take these tips into consideration considering making updates to your game during a round of featuring.

If you are interested in becoming a verified member of QA to test out these games or have your non-featured games tested, you are also welcome to apply for that through form available in the Discord server.

Developer Relations Team