Could this be a successful game?

Hello Developers!

I was working on a game (alone) for around a month now. And I am DESPERATELY looking for feedback on it. I aimed the game as a meme-fist fight game that people could have actual fun playing.

Game Link: Rag-Batle - Roblox

(Please keep in mind that I’ll be changing the name and making the thumbnail and images of the game later and also ignore the baseplate and other things under the map)

Any Feedback is Appreciated,


The concept is good, and I did enjoy the game.
The spawning “area” Is not the best looking. The gameplay gets repetitive, punch → ragdoll → punch.
Adding more variety could be nice.
But overall, I think it can be a successful game.


Good gameplay, lobby is pretty basic. It could be a successful game with more content into it. Overall i like it :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! This can turn out into a mix between Slap Battles and Item Asylum. This game has lots of potential with its humor. I cannot wait to see how this game turns out.


less go

and no and yes. It can be successful if you work hard on it and no if you leave it like that.

game is alright i guess

you should add more badges