CountryBalls RP [In a Huge Way]

I present CountryBalls RP, a game based on ball-shaped country animations.

A few months ago I saw this kind of games on the platform but they were all similar with basic maps and unpolished GUI. And I said to myself why not make one with detail and love?

So I decided to make a wide terrain and faithful to a real scale map, then the GUI design was curved and with subdued colors.
For the gameplay I decided to add weapons with the function to shoot other countries and/or structures, generate your own allies according to the chosen country and a basic building system.
Within the GUI configuration are the credits (open source/script models) and the configuration of the graphics to the player’s liking.


  • Raise the flag of the chosen country in other countries/territories.

  • Basic building construction (vegetation, walls, stairs)

  • Spawn allies of the chosen country

  • Lead battles with the weapons provided.


  • Wavy lines and sharp colors (Adapts to any screen resolution)

  • Change of graphics and shadows

  • “Adaptive” Sounds

  • Day/night Cycle (Adaptable to graphic changes)

Future functions to be added:

  • Treaty systems or player/allied support systems

  • Adapt the controls to the console

  • Improvement of the graphic errors already seen

  • More customization

  • Add known organizations

  • More constructions

  • And many more creative ideas.


Logo created by DesignEvo logo maker


:earth_africa: CountryBalls :earth_africa:

Play as the country you want and create your own battles. Build with basic materials and use the weapons provided to show others who’s boss, rule the world by capturing all the flags or achieve world peace by allying with other countries.

Are you ready to win the battle or the war? :crossed_swords:





CountryBalls RP

P-Games Studios

Special credits:

@ForeverHD ;TopBarPlus
@Lunariskk ;Graphics
@6z3cho ;Building System
@ItzEthanPlayz_YT ;DeviceInfo

I’m looking forward to hearing comments from CountryBall fans and casuals as well. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You made a typo on your UI (“High”, not “Hight”)

Also I think you should improve the sky (and the fog at night)
And you can try making the emote ui a bit smaller

I’m not a countryball fan nor do I watch them, but I appreciate the fact that you credited me for my module, so thank you for using my module and crediting me :slight_smile:


The title ngl looks sus especially the “B” Part

Jokes aside i think its pretty dope and I now really wanna play the game it looks cool


Thanks for telling me about the typo.
My language is Castilian Spanish and every day I strive to learn advanced English and other languages. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


the thumbnail doe sadly needs steroids

I know, it’s my first game released to the public and I have to improve in certain aspects.

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Oh ok I see well my first released games were few pieces of sheet.

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I have seen performance spikes at times.
Any ideas on how to avoid them?

Less Max players
Less loops
Less remote events
Less scripts

can make a game smooth

In the loading screen did u add a wait for the load items or not?

Everything else could be optimized, except the players, as they are the number of countries in the game.

When it finishes loading, the GUIs are activated and viewportframes


also just wanted to say the guns kinda suck so as the play gui and the continent gui and some more guis so please improve them
also why is there a literal hand that summons army just make a whistle sound tbh

I really love the concept, and you made a really good job designing the game. There are some bugs though, for example, I found a hole in the map in the northern part of the black sea.
I really love how the map is an actual map and even has deserts and some hills.
Here’s everything I found:

  • As I already said, there are holes in the terrain that lead directly to the void
  • The map is really thin, meaning I can look under the map if I stand in water. You could just make the whole terrain just a bit bigger downwards, so it feels like actual ground
  • The map is really big (in a good way), but some people might get lost, not knowing the full world map. I advise you to implement a game map so people can see where they are, and/or a “teleport home” button
  • The High graphics setting has too much bloom, and it’s really hard to see

You did a really good job and I would love to try it out again after it’s officially done :grinning:

PS. I officially own the whole Eurasian continent

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Thank you very much I appreciate your response, it still has a long way to go to be complete and much to be polished.

Could you tell me in which country it was or was it in the part with water?

It is in the water, exactly here (showing it on google maps lol)

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