Device Info - Module to detect device's platform, type, etc


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  • Can (and probably will) get inaccurate with detections.
  • If you’re planning to use this for detecting controls, don’t. Use UserInputService and ContextActionService, they’re the best at that. (Should also note that controls can dynamically change)

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Actually, can someone play the game using a console and see if it detects correctly?

Oops… I forgot to add the api reference and usage link…

Sorry about the broken poll, but most people likes the module (the poll was broken because I didn’t knew how to use it correctly)

Thank you! You gave me some motivation to develop!

Also expect pastebin source code tommorow guys

Hey guys, as I promised I will add a pastebin link, I added it to the post!

Edit: Also updated the post.

Added a picture showing detection on my phone, there’s only 1 for now.

Awesome module! The thing is, your code looks super messy. Any plans on fixing this?

Thanks for the feedback! I will.

Heres my current plans for now:

  • Improvement :tm: if I can improve it

However I am being halted due school so I’ll fix the messy code and clean it up first tommorow.

Code has been cleaned.

The module is also updated to reflect the cleaned code changes.
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Dear everyone.
Starting from September 4, 2020. This module won’t be updated and maintaned anymore since I am abandoning and quitting Roblox (read my main account’s bio for more information), I will only update if something breaks. Thank you for supporting and using this module.

This post and my website will still be up however.

  • Ethan
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Until I can get that account back, I will be posting from here.

V2 released, an rewrite. As of October 4 2021, this module is not truly 100% guranteed to have full and correct detections, I was able to think of some ways that it can result false positives.

Note to users using V1: Multiple things (including method names, and return types) has changed, some of the detections are also optimized, an updated API documentation will be soon available

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Documentation updated:

Will you be fixing those throughout the next few Updates?

Can you elaborate on fixing what? If you’re talking about detection false positives, it’s not really fixable, the engine is obviously better at detecting things like what the module does

As people has said, develop your games to match any control changes, take example fron Lumber Tycoon 2 or Flood Escape 2, you can change from keyboard with mouse to controller anytime, etc

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This is probably my final change for now, there was a reference issue in the code that I had to fix.

Why not add a device display in StarterGui?

What do you mean by this? (Need more chars)

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