Craziest Gameshow Ever - Map voting

Paradigm games is currently working on a new game about traveling around the world’s greatest attractions and doing minigames as part of a gameshow.

Non developer-forum members must let know their vote on the paradigm games group wall

Here is a list with possible locations which can be traveled to - we want to know which you’d like to see first!

  • Cruiseship + several Caribbean (TBD)
  • Several Locations in Africa (TBD)
  • Several Locations in Southern America (TBD)
  • Several Locations Oceania (TBD)
  • Several Locations Asia (TBD)
  • New York
  • Holland
  • Arizona & Nevada
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • France
  • Hollywood
  • Space
  • Northern & Southern Poles
  • Other / more specific [post on group wall]

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Let me know your thoughts on the paradigm games group wall!

Thanks for your interest! :smile:

The game will be ultimately published here, feel free to favorite it.