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As a Roblox Developer Forum user, it is currently too hard to share feedback in regard to Roblox events irrelevant to Roblox development.

Currently, you can discuss your thoughts in #lounge:roblox-discussion which is for TL2+ and non-theoretically but practically in #development-discussion as well though the topic is irrelevant to development. Or, if you want to feel like you’re talking to a robot, you can alternatively share your feedback with Roblox Customer Support as well and enjoy reading their canned responses.

As most active users are aware by now, there is a new Roblox event for the first time in a while that has grasped the attention of the community that is being loved by many but also being criticized by just as many as well. I am a critic who believes the event could have been constructed differently in a way that would be yielding better results.

However, there is no proper forum category and/or subforum to share my constructive feedback. Because of this, I would like to suggest the following:

  • Create a new “Event Feedback” forum category, visible to all forum members (TL1+), dedicated to announcing and discussing new Roblox events that wouldn’t fit inside of #updates:community
  • Create two subforums for the new forum category (i.e. “Roblox” & “Sponsored”) to separate Roblox events and sponsored events organized by brands partnering with Roblox developers in the Partner Program or with Roblox itself
  • Allow only Roblox staff members and Partner Program members to publish new forum topics in the forum category - this will definitely require a new forum rank to be implemented for Partner Program members, and be sure to limit this ability for Partner Program members to the “Sponsored” subforum only
  • Allow all forum members (TL1+) to reply to topics published in the forum category
  • Do not allow non-constructive topic replies (i.e. “It was a good event.”, “It’s good.”, “It’s bad.”, “It sucks.”, “Meh.”, “Trash event.” etc.) to be published in the forum category (strictly enforce Global Rule 5 in the forum category)

According to the suggestions above, developers that aren’t in the Roblox Partner Program who are partnering with brands to develop sponsored experiences would be unable to publish forum topics in the Sponsored subforum, which I think is the only downside to my suggestion but I think it’s best if it were to stay this way as developers not in the Partner Program could raise concerns over reputation, trust and safety (i.e. “What if the developers not in the Partner Program turn haywire and wreak havoc? What happens then? Roblox shouldn’t have to deal with a mess caused by others’ havoc!”).

I strongly believe that the suggestions I mentioned are the ingredients to create the ideal forum category that I’m envisioning, and I strongly believe that there is a tremendous need for such a forum category as well after observing #development-discussion the past few days; everyone wants to talk about “The Hunt” and so do I - the demand to discuss events is high. It would be most productive to convey our thoughts directly to the people behind the curtains. I can already picture topic replies containing event experience feature suggestions, event experience bug reports, and suggestions to overall improve the event experience. Judging #development-discussion, it is clearly evident to me that some users prefer to share event feedback on the developer forum rather through Roblox customer support, and I would prefer to do so as well.

If this issue were to be addressed, those who have experienced Roblox events can directly provide constructive feedback to those who are responsible for events. Feedback would be easily tracked by the responsible(s) and this suggestion can potentially enable fast and effective communication between community members and the event responsible(s) as well (just picture yourself discussing the event with the person who made the event). Additionally, the sponsored subforum that I’m suggesting would be a great new location to promote new sponsored events as the Events tab on the main Roblox website has been poorly managed the past year. I just learned through the Roblox Wikia that I missed a bunch of sponsored events in 2023 and early 2024 as they were not featured on the Events tab.


There is probably not enough recent precedent to create an entire category for this purpose. It’s best to use the existing feedback categories where relevant.

For specific bug report feedback on The Hunt please use the customer support channels to ensure timely addressing.

I also want to highlight that David Baszucki prompted here for feedback on X/Twitter if that helps at all:

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(Assuming I understood correctly) I have to disagree with the statement I quoted above. In #development-discussion there are about 10 recently published topics relevant to The Hunt, a few of which have garnered hundreds of topic replies and thousands of views. I’d rather not list them one by one.

As I have mentioned before,

the events tab was inactive for quite a while so there was no recent discussion of events which preceded The Hunt, however, from my understanding, The Hunt event will take place again in the future, as a different edition (i.e. second, third and so on), so I speculate that the events tab will become active again igniting more discussion about The Hunt and other future events.

I have disastrous experiences with CS, they haven’t even been able to help me for months, I don’t expect a different outcome by reporting issue B after my experience of reporting issue A.

Yes, coincidently the CEO posted that tweet several hours after I published this topic. Due to the shear volume of responses, I’m assuming he’s not following up very well.

If the category were to be implemented, I would expect less responses/feedback as I’m suggesting this category rule:

It would filter out unnecessary comments. I’m suggesting constructive feedback only.

I suppose, I’ll have to concede and scrape this suggestion though, because I am uncertain if other, future events would be able to garner as much reactions as The Hunt. I acknowledge that what I’m suggesting is a big change and should be worth it. I am questioning myself as to whether or not it will be in the long run…


I need to agree that we need a new category because the fact that Lounge is only available for TL2 and not everyone has it, and the need to break the guidelines of the #development-discussion just to debate over non-related development cases on Roblox is not good. It shows unprofessionalism if you were to get your topic flagged by following the guidelines while for cases like this not. I’m not saying that in a mean way, but it is biased if you have been active on the forum.

There are no feedback categories that fit over these discussions and sharing feedback with the CEO of the company is not the greatest showcase of professionalism because over on X, there are many if not thousands of replies that are so unrelated and immature that it should be handled by the team behind the Roblox events, not only one person which is the head of everything.

The suggestions of @MasterSapphireFrost are interesting and they are interconnected over the Official Rules of Developer Forum, which is also a good point because we can understand how this category can work.

Although this idea may or not be prioritized as the people behind the management of the forum are planning on something else, I truly recommend receiving this feedback and analyzing it shortly to expand a better communication between users here.


It’s 10 topics for a single event in a short time span, that attention is likely not going to uphold once the current event ends. I mean that there is not enough precedent at this time to warrant a continuously existing category.

You can ask people to tag their topic with something to distinguish them, or just use the titles to interpret whether you would be interested in the topic.

For feedback aimed at Roblox, it’s best to use the existing feedback categories in #bug-reports and #feature-requests unless we specifically ask you to pursue a kind of issue via the customer support route. (see The Hunt page FAQ for details) You can pick “Other” or generic “Website” if there isn’t an appropriate category specifically for the thing you’re giving feedback on.

If this is something that will reoccur and we frequently need to receive feedback, we would probably just create a feedback category specifically for that. But we’re not nearly at that point yet, so making a change here is premature.

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With all due respect, I don’t understand this hesitation in creating a new category. Couldn’t the category just be made private when there are no ongoing events? In my opinion, a category for feedback on events just makes sense and would have many benefits. I don’t see any downsides with having more avenues for feedback.

You stated here awhile back that it takes longer for Roblox to receive feedback through customer support. Does this also apply to feedback on events sent to support?

A category for feedback on events would allow players and developers to report bugs and propose features in a professional and constructive manner. Chances are Roblox would probably receive more quality feedback in lower quantities on the forum as stated in previous posts. Overall, it would provide feedback for Roblox with the event in the big picture and the developers of the experiences involved in the event.

Regardless of the team’s decision toward this suggestion, I will respect it. We don’t know everything that goes on behind the scenes. I appreciate that you addressed this request!

Sorry, not sure I understand the problem. There is very clear messaging on how to submit your player-facing feedback and account-specific issues on The Hunt (you can read the FAQ on the event page for this).

If you want to report creator-facing feedback on The Hunt about the Roblox platform and you want the opportunity (not guarantee) to receive a staff response on that feedback, there is #bug-reports and #feature-requests and you can just pick the most appropriate category or “Other” if nothing seems to fit. Nothing is stopping anyone with access to these from using the existing feedback mechanisms.

The question here is whether we should have an entirely new category or labeling for the few handful of threads that were created so far and might be created in the next couple weeks. The answer on that specifically is that we don’t think it makes sense for the time being.


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