Create Archives for the Roblox Engine

Roblox has a variety of features that allow developers to quickly plan out and create their games, but, sometimes other unnecessary features, such as legacy content, can cause bloat and confusion. I propose an idea of engine archives where different versions of the engine are saved and can be retrieved later.

What is an engine archive?

Engine archives are previous versions of the engine that are saved and can be retrieved when prompted to.

How will it work?

Every update(apart from a bug fix), or every big update, will prompt Roblox to archive the previous version and install the new one as the default engine. Unneeded features(such as deprecated objects, for example, DataCost) will be removed in the newer versions, which would theoretically improve performance.

Developers will then choose one of these versions to make their game in. There will also be a toggle on if they want to keep up with the latest version of Roblox. To update the version to another one or the latest one. The developer will have to set the version, then publish or save the place to Roblox. This is to prevent the auto-update feature (if they want to keep up with the latest version of Roblox) to break any possible deprecated code or objects.

How will this help developers?

There will be less bloat, and developers will be sure if they use the latest features. There can also be possibilities to revert to older versions of Roblox to create nostalgia-type games, such as Super Nostalgia Zone.


This is completely unworkable with mobile in mind.