Create Drafting on A-Chassis?

I’m trying to make a Indycar type racing game and got most of the features going but there’s 1 problem. The cars that I’m using use an A-Chassis kit and I don’t quite know how to go about adding draft aka slipstream to the cars. Unlike a lot of other car kits there isn’t a specific value or property I can change to edit the max speed of the car. Most of detecting when the draft should initiate is fairly easy for me to code its just adding the draft itself to the A-Chassis is the hard part for me. I’m fairly new to using A-Chassis but I’m learning more about it.

I’ve tried to edit the localscript “Drive” in the plugins folder to edit some properties there but no luck unfortunately. Id love for someone to at least give me an idea on where I should start to solve my issue.

Have you by any chance worked through the tutorial

I have not been through it myself but a quick read did seem to cover some of what you are doing and perhaps it will give you a contact who maybe able to help you directly.

Yes. I have but it doesn’t have anything to do with what I’m doing.

I’ve been looking over this topic for so long. I’ve always wanted to have that with chassis. Making it drift. More importantly I don’t really know how to add tire marks and smoke in the chassis. If anyone know the answer, I would be very appreciated your help

Tire marks and Smoke already come with the A-Chassis model I’m using. Perhaps your using an older model?

I used the original chassis one so it doesn’t have that feature

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