Create High Fidelity Materials Seamlessly in Adobe Substance 3D

I gave Blender an example as a great free resource in modeling, for textures another program could be used, I’m not sure which though.

If I may ask, why? Roblox Studio is awesome as it is. And won’t it be very annoying to have to switch between VSCode and Roblox Studio. Also will it be used by many people?

Seems like an interesting concept. Would be nice to see some more textures on the platform.

VSCode is superior in effectively every way, such as customisability, ease of access, type checking and more. There are extensions that allow you to sync up your VSCode workspace with Roblox Studio (Rojo). You only need to swap to Studio to do any play-testing.

VSCode is usually used in more professional environments, such as companies that work on Roblox, as there is GitHub integration. Such is the case for where I work aswell.


Lots of people use external editors.
(Roblox even has FileSyncService for their staff)

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Rojo exists and is already a major tool on Roblox due to its superiority to the Studio code editor and VSC’s massive community. I do agree that integrated Roblox-corp support isn’t really necessary as Rojo does it fine itself though.

Off-Studio tools like Aftman, Rojo, roblox-ts, selene, and so on are fantastic and I highly recommend you check them out.

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Does this feature apply for animated textures as well? If not I really hope you add something like this in soon!

Ofc not, they never tend to fix actual major problems like these. they just care more about the surface and “We collaborated with Adobe” and making basic stuff look like its a big deal

Does roblox use OpenGL or DirextX? I ask because the Y channel for normals are inverted between the two and well…

If you look in the brick here, the shadow is on top and not below, which makes me concerned about how things’ll look in-engine.


Thank you Josh. I think this means I should get Substance Designer now.

Roblox studio uses OpenGL.

It wouldn’t let me post unless I surpassed a certain number of characters…


No, while studio supports OpenGL, it also has DirectX and Vulkan. The roblox client uses DirectX, so I’m guessing that would be what studio uses.


just the subscription model annoys me thats basically it

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they actually mean the normal map format. roblox uses opengl normal maps


Any possibilities on the ability to port over blender’s eevee material to a certain extent over to roblox in the near future? Even if they’re just baked and not fully procedural? (though im hoping procedural material creation would be possible in the future whether it’s through blender-roblox porting or through an in-engine feature)

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Any possibilities of being able to change the color of the texture? You guys add PBR, make a partnership with Adobe and don’t add the option to change the color of the texture in real-time in Roblox? Sorry but that’s something that can’t be accepted, like with decals you can change the color, but decals aren’t PBR and don’t have UV maps.


Here. I did the reading a while ago. SurfaceAppearance | Roblox Creator Documentation

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