Create High Fidelity Materials Seamlessly in Adobe Substance 3D

not paying 50 bucks a month + 90 bucks cancellation fee


Is it because of Adobe’s dumb subscription model they like to use with Creative Cloud, or just because companies tend to ruin good programs even they buy out other companies’ software? I’d say Adobe hasn’t messed up Substance yet!

At least there’s a way to buy these programs without a subscription on Steam. That’s how I own Substance Designer 2022.


That’s how most of Adobe’s software works now, but the Substance programs can be bought outright on Steam for ~$150 (at least until the next year when updates stop for your version).


What a nice collaboration! I own Substance Designer so this is good, but while I’m reading this, I’m thinking about how Roblox’s moderation (or rather, their bots) really tend to dislike the PBR maps created by programs like these; If you’re giving developers cool ways to easily use generated PBR maps, you need to improve moderation so maps without much detail aren’t treated as “solid colors that could hide inappropriate imagery somehow” (which to me will always be considered nonsense unless someone shows me an image that does that).


epic update I love using substance painter.

Correct–our platform remains open, we avoid special-casing, and we look forward to seeing more tools leverage things like Open Cloud to provide additional integration. Adobe added support to Substance 3D to make things more seamless for Roblox devs via templates and presets.


Super awesome as someone who actively uses Substance painter in my project quite a lot, this integration should make it a lot less tedious!

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Fun Fact: Adobe is largely free for the majority of students. If you have a student email, your university or school probably has it for free somewhere or has workstations available that have it loaded on. If that doesn’t apply to you, it’ll be pretty costly to be under Adobe’s subscription model. It used to be that you had to buy every version. Sad to see that phase go. Subscriptions stack up. Keep that in mind.

Great to see overall!! Thanks Josh


Speaking of this though, can we get official 4K support? Current constraints makes me sad. A viable solution could literally be “scaling” the images down based on quality setting or device since each device is different. Mobile phones though (Apple mainly) can handle 4K so, I don’t see that much of a hit on the iOS market. I’d be happy to pay a fee tbh. I just want this in my game asap. Having to do all these were abstractions and “workflows” to split things up is quite annoying.


Just want to boost this feature request WRT 4k support. Materials doesn’t really make sense for 4k in the context of Roblox’s playerbase being primarily phone users, you’d need so many materials that 4k would eat all of your memory budget. However, for a handful of textured assets with SurfaceAppearance, 4k is necessary, especially when making very large assets with good reuse potential such as rocks, terrain, trees, etc.


Do you plan on opening collaboration with Blender too when it comes to materials creation? I feel like that would be a massive help for developers on a budget, which is a decent amount of developers.


Awesome! Thank you for the confirmation :)

When I tried to learn Substance Painter a little while ago, I was warned for “Sexual Content”.
I wrote about my experience in detail here,

Has anything been done to prevent stuff like Normals maps getting you warned or worse?

I don’t want to deal with this stuff again…


I’ll keep my thoughts brief here, but suffice to say, this is going to be an enormous time-saver! That being said, I do wonder if we’ll ever see greater substance integration into the engine á la unreal engine and unity.

I disagree with you here. Whether his opinion is important or not doesn’t really matter, it’s good to hear all sides. Saying someone’s opinions isn’t really needed and is causing unnecessary “negativity” when in reality the OP was just trying to gain clarity, in itself seems unnecessary. A good update all around but asking critical questions gives an update much more value.


If you just want to rummage the Adobe Substance Material library and extract tiling materials from it, I’ve made a tutorial to do that here.
It still requires some setup, but once you’ve got it worked out it only takes a minute or two to extract a material, and doesn’t require building any nodes.


not how that works. youre asking for custom shaders at that point, with which i would passionately agree with. Even then, you might have to write those shaders within roblox, but even then, its a bad idea to do procedural material shaders to the extent you would in blender. The standard within games is baking textures for performance reasons, so youll just have to figure out what youre doing wrong.

because these programs specialize in texture creation and do their jobs much more efficiently than something like blender does. Blender does a great job at poly modelling, but choosing a different program for other tasks is very common. If pirating is an option (it always is) then the choice is never hard. btw the textures dont look seamless because of the uv mapping of the meshes in the screenshot, if you tile these on a plane theyre gonna be seamless

I wish this was in Blender, but any official support is great.

Better to call it “trying before buying” on public forums.