Create High Fidelity Materials Seamlessly in Adobe Substance 3D

In partnership with Adobe native support for Roblox Materials and Surface Appearance has been added to Adobe Substance 3D Designer and Substance 3D Painter via templates and export presets. This partnership gives creators amazing flexibility and seamless workflows with Adobe Substance 3D, an industry-leading tool for creating sophisticated textures.

We recognize that creators use a variety of tools and we want to ensure they have flexibility and options. Towards this, one of our key initiatives is to open our systems and APIs so a diverse ecosystem of tools works smoothly with Roblox. This integration is a great example of us integrating with third-party tools so creators have more options to customize their workflows.

The full documentation can be found here. Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions. We can’t wait to see examples of the creation this enables.


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This does not preclude other tools, right? Your partnership with Adobe is strictly to add support for the Roblox platform to Adobe’s offerings, right? Not to make Roblox special-case the Adobe workflow in any way, right?

I feel like an explicit disclaimer to this effect is absolutely warranted.


This is an awesome first step forward, though it definitely feels a bit unnatural, considering that Adobe was chosen over e.g. Blender, Maya and other large development software. In retrospect, scratch this - any start is a good one :happy1:

I hope more considerations will be made towards an easier workflow for auto-updating meshes when a file changes, since despite the useful import workflow, it can quickly become tedious when you want to make incremental changes over time.


Awesome! This is a big deal, this is the first time (I can think of) Roblox has properly collaborated with an external tooling provider

Please integrate with vscode next!!


Woah is a nice functionality and is so interesting ! I hope use this functionality and see the feedback of peoples and how they will use it !

It’s wonderful to see Roblox making it easy to work with external content authoring services. :slight_smile:

Hope to see more integrations and support for workflows that include products that don’t shaft their users on steep unjustifiable fees or push predatory pricing schemes in the future. Adobe is industry standard, but please don’t stop here.


This is such a weirdly aggressive question about a very short, clear, and welcome announcement.

Templates and export presets for Roblox have been added to Substance Designer and Substance Painter. That’s it.


Yes, I’m aware that’s it. I’m just seeking confirmation that this “partnership” won’t end up with Adobe creating any exclusivity agreements or other nonsense.


Blender materials when? I hate having to bake the materials into textures I’ve never been able to do it successfully. So I can never import models that have materials and no textures.


Interesting, hope to see more of this coming out to help us developers improve our workflows!

Sorry if its wrong topic but what does seamless mean?

The images don’t appear to be seamless. Also why you chose a paid program instead of a free, “professional” one like Blender?


Adobe is industry standard. It has obvious priority for a lot of professional creators, however a shame that may be.


I like the new Textures! I hope we get more Textures!!!

always wished adobe wouldnt’ve bought substance


Isn’t this basically just a way to get around the compression of decals?

This update is great but if it is just a workaround for decal compression then I think it would be better for ID verified users to get less compressed decals/uploads in the first place.

Again, still a great update.

That was really not needed. :slightly_smiling_face: As Roblox developers as a whole we should together be happy to see more integration from industry-standard tools. No need to bring up comments like these that just causes negativity around an overall great announcement.

Very glad to see this integration! I wonder, is there a way to have such a similar process be able to be integrated with another toolset, such as 3d modeling software? Right now, it’s still a bit of a hassle to model something outside of Roblox and upload it as a mesh because there is no easy way to hot-reload it and test it in your game. Could this be next? Thanks!


Again I have zero issues with Adobe supporting Roblox like this! I just don’t want to see a world where Adobe is the only way to work with Roblox, due to any special functionality. Which, again, is why I’m asking for confirmation that this is truly as good and con-free as the announcement implies. If so, great!


I’m not a texture artist per say but I can say that this will help a lot of the lads I work with who use a substance workflow, it would be nice to have a change up on how we upload textures/decals so we can have higher res textures or even better looking trim sheets for those who doing props and world building

Something like a file size limit instead of a resolution limit to afford better flexibility and in general would go a long way to help scale up the overall quality of stuff on Roblox, there’s plenty I can think of that would also help like a material graph/shader editors would be incredibly useful for producing some AAA class effects without crashing peoples systems, UE5, Unity and Godot have them and it’s about time roblox exploits this as it is really is a god send from my experience with it but obviously it could be a bit problematic when using it on mobile vs PC/Console as they all work on different shader languages and have different limitations)

Eitherway, getting 3rd party support going for Roblox is going to be a god send for a lot of people, maybe in future we can see integrated external IDE support baked into studio or at least partnerships for enabling us scripters to work in either IDE without much changing (like using the studio one as normal but having the option to switch work onto VSC or VStudio for handling github commits and merges, difference comparisons, etc, it could very well speed up workflows for us programmers and allow for games to easily merge code from multiple people working on it way better then the current commit system from roblox to be fair