Creating a Clan/Guild/Gang system?

I have seen it achieved in these games;

and I want to know how (and if) this can be achieved by using Roblox’s DataStoreService

Features that I have in mind are;

  • Create
  • Join/Leave
  • Kick Members

Simple features but I am not sure if this can be achieved by using Roblox’s DataStoreService because

  • OnUpdate is broken

  • Handing Join and Leave request on Multiple Servers it will overwrite the Data

  • It was possible to bind it with Clans before it was removed

Do you have any experience or ideas to make it work?

It might be better to not rely on Roblox’s DataStoreService and use HttpService instead?

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If you are aiming to make this cross server, I would suggest waiting for MessageService to be released to replace the OnUpdate function. You may use data stores at the moment to store the clans but have no real-time clan updates, meaning clans can only be seen locally on the server. You may then soon update your game to support real-time clan updates, but this is only a suggestion.

To add on OnUpdate being broken, this function is not necessary broken, but invoking it serveral times may get it to work, which is not very optimal, but it’s all the hope you have on this method.

If you really want to get real-time clan updates right now, you can setup a data base/cloud server(I don’t have much knowledge on this)

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depending on the size of the game using trello could work

This is a pretty broad question, but I’ll do my best to help you nail (or at least point) in the right direction.
Personally, I’d rather use MongoDB – you could use MySQL or a similar DBMS, but since we’re essentially storing “clans” (aka groups), it makes sense to store the members as JSON objects.

Next, I’d structure the clan json similar to this:

      "clanID": 1,
      "clanName":"Group 1",

I also included a rank KVP for if you wish to include any other info/stats in the future (e.g. assigning a “class” to users in the clan, just for the heck of it).

So once you’ve planned that out, you’re going to setup a few API endpoints on your own server:

POST /api/createClan {clanName: "DevClan", clanOwner: "Capt_George", key: "SecretPrivateKey"}

This API endpoint should create a JSON document in the MongoDB collection (as structured to the one I posted earlier)

POST /api/joinClan {clanID: 1, name: "JohnDoe", key: "SecretPrivateKey"}
This API should append the user inside of the clanMembers object inside of the MongoDB document. (I suggested passing name, but you can pass anything you want; name, ID, etc…)

POST /api/leaveClan {clanID: 1, name: "JohnDoe", key: "SecretPrivateKey"}
This should remove the KVP from the clanMembers object where the name == the name that was passed through the POST request. Plus, this can also be used for kicking() users (since in a nutshell they both remove users, so no reason to add more API endpoints than necessary)

GET /api/clanInfo {clanID: 1, key: "SecretPrivateKey"}
This should return the JSON document for said requested clan, e.g. this will return the members, info, etc…

SecretPrivateKey should be similar to that of a private API key. No one should know it, this is used to verify the requests are coming from a legitimate source and not faked from a user.

You can use whatever you language you want for the web-server, though personally I’d suggest using Express (NodeJS), and if you do decide to use it you can message me anytime (most comfortable with that). You can also use PHP, but I couldn’t guarantee I’d be able to help (been a few years since I’ve used PHP).

Also with this system, there is no need to continually pull the database. Simply re-call the APIs and update all the in-game elements after a change occurs (aka a POST request is made – (data is changed) ).

Apologies for the lack of organization, wrote this at 2:35 AM so not in the best state of mind :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, do let me know and I want to know how this works out!