Sunsetting Clans

Hi everyone,

As we move forward as a platform, we sometimes need to reevaluate our existing features. Now that we have sunsetted Leaderboards and Player Points, Clans no longer contribute to the Roblox Groups experience.

Clans were an invite-only part of a group with a maximum of 100 members. Each game had a Player Points leaderboard, and the points earned by each member were added to the Clan’s score in that game. It was also possible to invite an entire Clan to a VIP server.

Removing Clans will enable us to focus on improving the core experience of Roblox Groups and adding new features.

When will the Clans feature be removed?
Within the next couple of days. We will update this post when the feature is removed.
The Clans feature is now removed.

What about the Robux that I spent purchasing a Clan?
All users who purchased Clans will receive a refund. If the Clan was purchased with group funds, the refund will be deposited into group funds. Please allow some time for this to happen.
Refunds were distributed on March 4, 2019.

I am a developer and I use GroupService:GetGroupsAsync to check if a player is in a clan. What do I need to do?
No changes are needed, just be aware that when Clans are completely removed, these checks will return false.


Curious, if I purchased a clan many years ago, in a group that I am no longer in (And haven’t been for many years), will I still receive a refund?


Based on the OP, it seems so.


Also, it’s sad to see it removed but it’s much needed at this point.


Great move. Clans are pretty useless now and are not really used throughout the Roblox community.


Looks like the group system and page is being worked on again. Nice.


Nice change, hopefully we see more great updates to the group system in the near future.


Niceee! Groups before were mostly war-clan based so this is a very welcome change :grinning:


Clans were a really nice feature when they were actually useful. It’s sad to see them go but they’re not really needed anymore so it makes sense.


I honestly couldn’t tell you what clans were used for. Nice to see a cleanup.


I think Clans could still be usable, even without playerpoints & leaderboards, two features I hope return in the future.

Anyways, I would use clans as a way to display who my developers are, as it would display them above everyone else on the first page of my group. Hadn’t realized this page disappeared until now.

Still though, it’s kinda sad that leaderboards & points were removed, but they were an abused feature when they first came out.

Hoping for a replacement in the future. :slight_smile:


While there may be some people who will call this “ThE wOrSt UpDaTe EvEr” (There always will be). I feel that this is a step in the right direction. Removing old legacy features that are rarely used is a great way to clean up the mess that groups on Roblox currently are.


I have never used clans in my life. I don’t know of anyone else that has. I think this was needed.


As sad as this might be, considering the fact that this has been around for multiple years. I can understand why this needs to get removed;

Player Points don’t serve an purpose anymore, they were meant to work as leaderboard points.

(back when ROBLOX had an Leaderboard feature for games.)

But it’s time to move on. ROBLOX is changing, We all know it. It’s normal, It’s like reaching adulthood in our lives, it works for an game too.

It’s time to say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new!

Cheers to ROBLOX for many years to come. :wink: :slight_smile:


I believe this change was much needed.


I do hope a Play Point “like” system will be added back in the future.

I loved the competitive dynamic it gave the site, and the group world in general.

I do however, as somebody who has been involved in all types of groups for many years, appreciate the fact that Roblox is resuming development in the group community.


They were extremely useful in the war clan communities’ sense of competitiveness, as well as for game communities such as Apocalypse Rising, where spin-off “squads” would compete for leader-board dominance. (When player-points were still a thing)


I hope that Roblox will introduce a new feature like clans, just to show off the developers in a group. I once used clans with all of the owners in it because you can’t have multiple owners.

Rip clans, I will miss you.


Clans were used so I could put them into a VIP Server of a game, which was a cool feature.


A good update, most clans I knew were just like a special role. Would be cool to have a default role to show in groups when a player goes to the group page, would be similar to showing a clan, but with roles instead.