Creating a color changing particle emitter

I want to create rainbow particles coming out of a particle emitter and I think it has something to do with a color sequence because I can’t use a color3.HSV for it
“Unable to assign property Color. ColorSequence expected, got Color3”
Any help is appreciated!


local emitter = script.Parent
local hue = 0.01

emitter.Enabled = false

while true do
	emitter.Color = Color3.fromHSV(hue,1,1) -- part I want to figure out
	if hue < 1 then
		hue += 0.01
		hue = 0.01
1 Like is the way, search it up on google, there are many post about it

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This has already been referenced in the post below:

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would this make the the particles change color constantly like in a rainbow order?

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Try it and you will see, it is always good to try

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ooh you can put a color3 in a color sequence huh

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