Creating a gradient

Hello developers,
I want to create this, but with a hollow cylinder:
Screenshot 21-11-2021 20.40.36
(It’s a transparency gradient, I don’t think this is possible with textures)
SurfaceGui’s do not adapt to shapes. I heard someone did this with beams, but I’m not sure and if so I don’t know how.
Any help would be appreciated.
Have a nice day!

I don’t see why that wouldn’t be possible with textures, it is possible with textures also this belongs in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support

use Ui Gradients. Thats how they did it.

Add a surface gui in the part. Then add a frame into the surface gui, change the frames size to 1,0,1,0 nothing more nothing less, after that insert a UI gradient into the frame, change the rotation to 90 then go to the color and edit it.

Hey he said that surfacegui’s don’t adapt to shapes, I think he wants the gradient around the whole cylinder which means he would have to add 4 frames.

I achieved something similar using a generic white fade decal that was recoloured inside of studio (on the right) and then a texture on the cylinder (on the left). Despite the orientation being incorrect, I do think this would work if one or more decals/ textures were used as it only covers one face of the cylinder, however this wouldn’t be the best for the likes of performance if it was being used in large quantities. Perhaps this texture could be used with beams instead of utilising a cylinder to get the desired shape? I personally haven’t looked too far into beams but I do know curves can be achieved with them via the properties. ~~ (Seen you said you dont know how to achieve this with beams after posting it. Will try to find a link , video or tutorial to assist you with this :). )

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Managed to find this relatively fast but not sure if it quite meets what you’re wanting in terms of performance, but sonihi explains how the circle is achieved in the replies if this has any relevance to what you were wanting. I’d assume the fade could be achieved by increasing the beams thickness and changing the beams texture to a white->transparent fade.