Creating a perfect curve on acute angle

I want to create a perfect curve around here, however I can’t figure out how. The angle is 60 degrees. I tried using archimedes, with 20 degree rotation, and it works, I guess, but you can see the faces on the curve. I want a smooth curve

Using archimedes. I’d like to use a cylinder, as they have a smoother curve


I suggest that you collide the two parts then add a cylinder. Then, scale the parts until it covers the other half of the cylinder.

is this what you are looking for?

Create perpendicular blocks then fill it in with Archimedes.

Or, you can use a Roblox cylinder then just negate the excess.

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Hi, I have a guide on this type of curvature here:

Refer to the last section of curvature by cylinder + sphere (also applicable with normal part + cylinder, as is your case)

You can also still use Archimedes, but try shorter parts with a smaller angle that adds up to 60, such as 5 or 10.

The problem is, I’m not going for perpendicular. The angles aren’t 90 degrees. Where you have a ‘90 degree’ angle, that angles actually about 120 degrees.