Creating a performant procedural audio muffle

I am looking to create a mostly performant audio muffling system similar to Tyridge’s floodfill algorithm: What are you working on currently? (2019) - #1781 by tyridge77

I thought of using raycast for this, but I’m not too sure how performant that will be.

If anyone seeing this has a good idea for what will perform well, please tell me!

Thank you,


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It looks like he’s pathfinding within a 3D voxel grid, probably. You’ll also need some kind of pathfinding to pull something similar off. If you can use a similar voxel grid then pathfinding is trivial via A*.

doesn’t sound like you’d need to pathfind, just floodfill distances saved to a 3d array, and indexing into the array with the camera position.
then depending on the value of the cell, making the audio more or less muffled.
not sure how to make the actual muffling but maybe there’s something here Dynamic Effects | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

Did that. It was very buggy once I finished it.

Glad you figured it out on your own :smiley:

It really did not work well, it kept on getting stuck if a block was behind an invisible wall.

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