Creating a Roleplay Game


I am creating a police roleplay game and it’s going very well, however, the only thing putting me off is the fact that I can’t make cars and there are no tutorials on YouTube.

So, I kinda need some car makers, please. I am willing to pay up to 1,000 robux. I need the car design to be like Mayflower, Firestone, Aigio, etc. I don’t want a realistic car, I want it to be low-poly.

In addition, I also need the car to be scripted with a UI (I can always make changes to the UI if needed). If I can’t find a scripter, I will find a way around it hopefully and make the scripts myself.

I am also willing to learn how to model myself, however, I just can’t find any tutorials.

My Discord username is Coderholic#4750

Thanks a lot!

EDIT: I no longer need car models, I now need a person to deal with the sounds and script and make the UI when you get in the car.


Hey there! I am interested in the UI designer position. Also, if you want to learn how to script, I suggest downloading the “Studio+” plugin on ROBLOX. And for car modelling tutorials, I can suggest and If you don’t want to make it realistic, just follow the tutorial using blender but not making it look realistic. I can fulfil the UI designer. My portfolio is here: [OPEN] silverascal/iiLittleDuckyxx's portfolio!. I sent you a friend request on discord, I’m tristann#1082


1k robux?! That’s way too less. At least add other payment options like USD. As a builder, I feel the price has to be at least 5k.

5k is too much. 1k is the max. Take it or leave it.

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Yes, I do agree that 1k robux is not very much. But, it’s still money. Don’t be greedy for robux. I am working for free and I have no problems.


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