Creating an unkown sword slash effect

After scrolling twitter ages ago I came across an interesting slash effect that I have no idea how to reproduce. I’m referring to the blue / white slashes when you swing your weapon.

See a video of it:

Of course one might automatically assume a trail is the way to go here, but after trying (and failing) the best thing I could create wasn’t at all looking like this video. After closer inspection, I realized that it may not be a trail. At 0.25 speed you can see the effect go past the blade, meaning that if it was a trail it would be leading the blade (the effect would be in front of it).

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were renderstepping this slash effect somehow. Renderstepping this seems extremely tedious to get the correct position and rotation. I’m not able to come up with an automated way to do that on my own without hard-coding a different slash for each swing. Or maybe it’s animated into the swing?

Any ideas on how to make this as efficiently as possible?


First, I can’t see the video.
Second, Continue trying, the longer you try, the more experince you gain

o wrong perms i fixed thanks. will continue trying but help would be great!

I knew someone that made something like this, I forgot their name but I can try and find them

I know their name of the person who made this but I don’t think they are willing to help me, talked to them and it seems like they are not willing to give too much info on it. They already told me it was renderstep, but that is all (not even sure if I believe that though lol)

But if you have someone that can do something similar getting in contact would be perfect!

I am still trying to find them, so far I cant. but you can try contacting this person, they arent that active though

Looking through the frames and I can’t seem to find one that’s not the fully effect. I think it’s just a beam that expands quickly from the sword handle to the sword tip (it isn’t a trail because it doesn’t follow the sword, and the image isn’t compatible with trails). I assume they use some timing and math (or attachments) to calculate a goal and then tween the beam’s attachments really quickly towards the goal but slow at the very end (exponential out maybe?). Anyways, that’s a super cool effect! I might recreate that sometime!

Little picture explaining my poorly explained idea up there :wink:

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Good observation, I will try this and tell you if I run into anything.

It’s a flattened sphere mesh that rotates in place with a texture on it, a lot of people will call them crescents.

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@SingleSided Has this issue been resolved yet? Cause I believe I have found an answer

Pretty sure it is a mesh hardcoded for each slash…haven’t made it yet though.

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This is an interesting effect and I have asked someone who created something like this before, they responded that they used an invisible part with a “slash” decal (+ scripting). The details weren’t elaborated any further.

This might be too vague but if it helps, then good luck finding the solution.

No idea if it’s the sphere mesh part mentioned, I only heard it was a part.

I think you can use beams, but you can look at the source code for this module it might help you, you can even fork it if you want I believe

If that doesnt work you can possibly contact the creator as they have made more advanced sword slash effects like this before

Yep, I think this is it, It is a Textured Cresent Mesh that spins, and expands, I actually tried recreating this, With a bit of tweening, It works!

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Can you show what yours looks like and maybe show the code?

--define tweening stuff (like rotation, and adding size form original size)

--clone effect from replicated storage
--play tween here

--another script is inside the decal, that changed decal transparency

I cant show the full script sorry, but this is basically how my script works


I think I know-how; my thought is they use an expanded mesh and then puts a texture on it and then use the sprite sheet technique on the texture to make it vanish in the end by using rotation and sizing effects on the “expanded mesh,” which is simple by using tweening or lerping.

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walmart version


I tried making a spritesheet, and it doesnt work for some reason, I don’t think using a spritesheet works, it just cuts the decal off the squished sphere, is there a way to fix that?


Also for the continuation of this, I replaced the decal with a texture, so I would be able to use a spritesheet, but the script is still inside the texture.

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