Creating "custom character movement" (smoothly moving between slopes)

Heya! I am trying to make the characters in-game cope better on sloped terrain at higher speeds;

I want the character to be able to seamlessly traverse up and down slopes at high speed without bouncing around helplessly like the default character will. If you try to walk up or down slopes currently at a high-ish speed, the default characters will bump into the slope and either bounce or get stuck while walking and hence walk slower than expected.

I’m trying to create a system which gets rid of these issues to create smooth movement over different slopes/angles.

At first, I tried to use a BodyGyro force and angle the character’s HumanoidRootPart to match the surface it was standing on, as I thought the chatacter might just adapt to the new rotation. This didnt really seem to help at all and just kind of glitched the character into the ground when there was too much of an incline.

I decided to join the game Speed Run 4 as this game contains the exact kind of movement I want to create - the characters walk up and down slopes with ease, transitioning between them flawlessly. However, the characters dont rotate in any way yet can still move perfectly!

I don’t know exactly how this effect is being achieved, but I’m asuming it involves BodyMovers and semi-complex code.

What would be the best methods to achieve a stable character while running between varying angles on slopes? Is this even possible without extremely complex code?

P.S I would post videos or something to help with understanding but am on mobile right now so I’m sorry about that! :smiley:

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Can you please provide a better explanation of what you are attempting? I know you are aware that your initial question didn’t have much detail, but if we don’t even know the problem we can’t help with a solution.

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I understand what you want, sadly I don’t have the answer. I recommend you fiddle around with properties such as CustomPhysics, so you can change the weight of your character and manipulate things so they work your way.

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Any better?

This question was answered here, on another thread! Smooth Movement on Character?