Creating new support category for TOS clarifications

At actual forum system, it is hard to place discusion about if something is violation of ToS. So my idea is to add category ToS Support into #help-and-feedback, that will be for discusion about if something near ToS deviding line is violation of ToS or not.
That you just say: “That will be confusing for new members.”, is NOT solution, because now these questions are in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support and that is much more confusing (and also is violation of #help-and-feedback:scripting-support category rules).


If it is a development-related question (like if certain content or game play would be okay), then you can post it in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support, it’s part of the topics allowed for that category (see its About post).

For general questions about Roblox TOS, the developer forum is probably not the best place to post those. For Members there is a Lounge category where they can post off-topic stuff about Roblox, but that is not available to New Members.


But what is the problem is when it is not question for #help-and-feedback:game-design-support like “Is it correct to work as anti-exploit texter?”, and Lounge category is only for members and to be member, i need to browse forums, not to have 15+ solutions,… Fron what i saw, everyone with 3k+ viewed topic is member (only what i saw, I am not saing, that i am 100% true).

If it’s not a question for Game Design Support, find an appropriate category for it to be in. There also exists Discussion for New Members to talk about development-related topics, like a focused Lounge that’s publicly open but also requires post approval.

The example question you posed doesn’t really fit anywhere on the DevForum except for Lounge’s Off-Topic subcategory which, again, is locked to New Members.

As far as member requirements go, they aren’t specified to you, so the stats you listed are speculation and inaccurate (and also off-topic). Solutions aren’t necessarily a promotion factor, it’s the content of your posts and forum activities that help contribute towards receiving a promotion.


When i read how to be a member there is, that promotin is based on forum browsing. So the exact number is speculation, but the way is from official informations.
The example question is one of the most frequently asked questions, so it is bad, that new member cant ask it.
That only #help-and-feedback:game-design-support is only non post aproval category is also bad, because post aproval is huge break. Pls dont understand this as personal atact, post aproval proces is good for bugs, but for support category it slow down whole discusion.

Post Approval only handles threads in the Cool Creations subcategory in the Help and Feedback category. Anything else can be posted by yourself, you don’t need to go through us.

It’s not necessarily that we’re taking breaks or anything. Post Approval has a hefty amount to go through and develop good feedback to provide back to users to help better formulate their threads and/or get them moved to the correct categories.

Let’s try and keep things on topic anyway. Less about post approval and promotion requirements, more about this category you want. You’ve already been given your answer though: use Game Design Support for design questions (e.g. if something is good to have in a game) or file a ticket under the Roblox Support page. A subcategory dedicated to ToS questions would be category bloat. We have enough categories and channels for you to discuss such topics in.

Yes, but #discussion has post aproval and some posts dont match to #help-and-feedback:game-design-support.

yes, that is this

so i only say, that post aproval is bad for support and ToS questions are support.

ok, i will ask there my example question, and we can test if it will be flaged in 5 or 10 mins for off topic

So a scripting question? Then Scripting Support should be fine. Just find the right support category for what you are doing at the time.

EDIT: Perhaps I’m not really understanding your example correctly then – I’m having a hard time reading your posts due to the English proficiency.

Really, and why specialy this question is so frequently flaged?

The entirety of the Discussion category is under Post Approval. Threads for Engineering Feedback can only be created by Roblox Staff and are for asking for feedback on features in testing. This is unrelated to your initial question.

Posts that don’t fit on Design Support are moved or can be flagged depending on the content. Asking whether something is good for your game or not falls under Design Support.

Sry badly wrote, i edited it to #discussion

Now that the New Member role is gone, do we have access to that lounge?

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You should reread the announcement: Changes to Developer Forum trust level names
The trust levels were only renamed, nothing has otherwise changed.

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