Creations Page Public Beta 🤭

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I feel like a lot of the options which I, and many other developers, enjoy are not featured in the redesign. Yes, I do enjoy the sleeker design, along with dark mode, however, It’s just very full, I feel like there could’ve been a lot more that could’ve been added with the space available. The main thing is the new UI just doesn’t feel or fit the rest of the website. I feel like every new page that is redesigned on the website is always a step ahead of the previous redesign causing it to just not fit with each other.

That being said, I’m going to assume, like always, that I’m going to get used to it. This happens with ultimately every update (like the robux icon) to the site.

There is one rule however, these options must be available otherwise I will riot.


That’s all.

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I like the design of this! I know it is in BETA and more features will be released, but are there any plans to have a tab where you are able to see all user comments on your assets if comments are turned on for those particular assets? It would also be extremely useful to have a Mass Editor where you can archive or toggle comments on several assets at once without having to do it individually.

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I really love how this is looking so far.

Speaking of looking, finally dark theme for create page

Here are some things that I think should be added/changed:

  • This doesnt look like any other Roblox page, the topbar and sidebar isnt there. This is strange, but I actually quite like it
  • We need search bars. If you have hundreds of decals then its hard to find the one you are looking for.
  • Sort by Last Updated.
  • Places. Right now you can only access games, and not the places that they contain. Also if this is going to be added then PLEASE make the places say what game they are a part of, or make the places page exclusive to every game
  • Decals and images are different things??? I already knew that there are the Decal and Image asset types, but what differences do they have?
  • Fix. Those. Previews. a lot of my decals look weird and static-y, see image below:
    Original image:
  • Create new button. Just like in the old page, for creating new games, clothing, badges, etc
  • Developer stats, advertise, etc
  • I feel like there should be some sort of separation between the profile and groups in the Creator dropdown
  • Ability to archive clothing? I have some garbage T-Shirts in my inventory, and I cant get rid of them
  • Gamepasses, Dev products, Badges pages (most likely in the Development Items tab)
  • An indicator of how many pages there are, right now you can only see 2 arrows and a number of the page, I think it would be nice to see how many pages there are: < 2/10 >
  • Ability to overwrite assets. You can already update models, but you cant do that with, for instance, Decals
  • Maybe an ability to edit assets in the dashboard? Not sure about this since you can just click an item and edit it there

Now, its really probable that most of these are already being worked on, but I still wanted to write this down.
Thats all, this is looking so good and Im excited to see this in full release.


Wow. I didn’t know I made so much images! This new page is pretty cool.

This matches the rest of the ROBLOX site and I love it!

Please make sure to apply this type of design to the Promocodes page and the Money/Transactions Page.

This update is a step in the right direction.

i haven’t called any features “unused” in my post-- sorry if i failed to elaborate one way or another.

what i meant was in this new upcoming redesign for the develop/creations page, seeing as they’re most likely going to do touchups and overhauls to the existing features, i’d like to see something like the archiving system the studio application has on the actual webpage, and having the ability to archive and possibly even delete places/games in the new update would make for a great help, and from what i’ve looked into it it’s been asked for beforehand.

i also don’t think ROBLOX would go to such an extreme based on one person’s critque alone-- if they ever did do something like take away our ability to voice our opinions and whatnot, i’m sure there would be an uproar.

(p.s: sorry for the super late reply; i’m not very active and for some reason i just got your reply notification. weird…)

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Loving the new Creator Dashboard so far, the ability to copy asset ids and urls is really handy.

One feature idea that could be added (which I believe was in the ROBLOX+ extension before being removed(?) is the ability to take items offsale or put them onsale for minimum price. This could help for removing models from sale which are outdated or broken over time, or with shifting seasonal clothing items, and more.

Here’s an example of what that could look like to be clear

take offsale

I have many old models I’d like to be able to take offsale all at once but going through each page manually is quite tedious so I’ve not bothered. This would be a huge plus.

Also, I noticed a small bug when right clicking any button in the right-click menus for avatar items, the menu can continue to move down and to the right, and even go offscreen.

I like the design however it does not really match the website theme with all the other pages… However, seeing something like this on all the pages would be really nice!

It looks amazing! It’s been such a long time(with the old creations page), can’t wait for the new creations page! :smiley:

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This new Page is WAY better than the old one, I really liked it a lot!
One of the biggest advantages for me is that I will no longer have to reload the entire page just for viewing other items!

While I understand that it still not completed yet, I have a lot of suggestions for improving it:

  • More options for the right-click:
    The new right-click feature is a smart move to make the page more functional, so I would suggest adding more options to it such as Configure game, advertise, edit, etc…

  • Search bar:
    When a developer makes a lot of items such as UGC, Images, Audio, etc… it is kind of required to add a search bar to make navigating through items a lot easier.

  • Uploading items, decals, and more:
    For now, this page doesn’t seem to let us upload items from it. So it could be great to add an option for uploading like a “+” button (maybe near the sort button), then opening a window for doing it and choose which type of item we want to upload.

    Maybe some items cannot be uploaded directly… Not sure.

Again, this page has a lot of potentials and I would like to say a great job to all the people who have worked on this!
Take your time and stay safe!


I would have to agree with the few others requesting a search bar.
Having been on Roblox for over a decade and having hit over 1,000 places… A search bar would be greatly appreciated.

Not that it would help given how poorly I name my test places… But it might help someone else :rofl:

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Sometimes the amount of emojis in these posts makes me cringe. Looks good tho.

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i can’t contain my love for emojis :dancer:


Clean, crisp! Feels like it almost pops out and has depth; but no love for light mode users. :bulb: :frowning:

Yes, we must have more options to manage the game on the page. If possible, without being redirected to a new page for those who may have slow connections.

Seeing as it shows how many people are playing each game, I think you should be able to sort by number of people playing.

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This is a really cool update! I can’t wait to see what this does for roblox.

That’s not the only one, there’s also the promocodes page


This page looks Amazing, I really hope to see roblox webiste a day with that stile that would be very cool

Thanks for the reply! I’m a bit out of the loop at the moment, what are archiving games and how can I utilize this?