Creations Page Should Show Last Camera Position

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to use the creations page quickly and efficiently.

The create page used to show where your camera last left off:


Providing much needed context instead of just browsing by name. The new page however lacks this:


It’s so hard to look through icons that have no relation to the actual project. Without a search bar, you just have to scroll through all your games…

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to look through my creations easily and find the one I’m trying to edit quickly.


Regardless of if a search bar is added, this should still become a feature.

I want to, at a glance be able to find a place without having to upload a thumbnail.
This layout makes icons significantly more prevalent and even truncates names, making it harder for me to immediately find a game over the previous layout in some instances, especially universe places.


This needs to be a feature. I have tens of hundreds of places that I manually have to look through just to find out what it was and why I need it. I think the option (if this isn’t already a thing) to delete a place entirely should be a thing. I’ve had to use second account because the amount of places I had on my primary account was too hard for me to find anything and the lack of being able to clean up nearly a decade worth of places made it near impossible to find a valid solution on my own.

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Hi all! Thanks for the feature request :slight_smile: Searching is on our roadmap for this page.


Why did i respond to this like it was a feature request specifically for a search bar lol

We’ll update the icons to show last camera position early next week! Great request.




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