Creator Documentation: Contextual Purchases

Hi Creators!

Our team is very excited to share our new Contextual Purchases documentation! This is where you can learn about some creative ways to merchandise in-experience items and display them in your Shop, including:

  • In-play
  • Pre-play
  • Lobby
  • Complementary
  • UI

These approaches can be tailored to fit your experience and provide players with the right items at the right time.

What’s next

As we mentioned in a previous post, we will continue publishing great new content to help you create the best experiences possible. You can expect topics on Balancing Virtual Economies and Live Operations Planning coming soon.

We hope you find this content valuable and welcome your feedback to help us improve future content. And of course, we want to thank the community for all your incredible creations!

Until next time,


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Thanks for giving us the knowledge on how to strategically market our games better.


I’m really glad to see more documentation like this being public!! These are such great resources!!


In the “Complimentary” section where Bee Swarm Simulator is referenced it says Bee Swam Simulator. Pretty sure this is a mistake without the game being called Bee Swam simulator.


I feel like some of these these practices are not in favor of the consumer. Everyone is free to monetize their games how they wish, but I would advise that developers respect their playerbase while thinking about monetization models.

Here’s an example of exactly what I would recommend NOT doing:


what a coincidence, legit was writing 6 pages about monetizing my game, this documentation will definitely help.


I’m glad that Roblox is deciding to unmask in regard to monetization strategies they support.
Half of these purchase ‘contexts’ are strategies spun up by the mobile games industry to psychologically persuade the maximum revenue from each of their customers.

For other devs reading this article: know that it is possible to make a fantastic living on the platform with a simple shop, no prompts, no sales, and cheap gamepasses.


Open a PR on the documentation Repository GitHub - Roblox/creator-docs: Open Source Creator Documentation