Creator Homepage: All your important updates in one place!

finally the create page gets a single good feature


They will probably make it so redirects to the new URL.


Excellent feature, makes looking at last week’s performance for my games easier! I wonder if we’ll see sales data for UGC at some point as well?

Minor feedback, but I do think the buttons for the lists could be improved, as if I click them a few times, they will only skip one page, and their transition speed isn’t as reactive as I’d like.

The feature which I feel is missing the most, is that you can’t sort or pin items, as the way it updates seems like it’s by Recently Updated, but that doesn’t accurately reflect what I’d look at this page for, compared to the Creator Dashboard.

I’d expect to see my best performing public experiences, as my games with 0 DAU appear before games with more than that. I’d prefer to sort by playtime hours, but I think having the flexibility to have it sort by another metric, like revenue in the last week, or DAUs in the last month, would be quite handy.

Also on about that, why are private experiences shown here? My use case is the Home page is more of an overview of your best performing experiences and/or UGC items, where the Creator Dashboard is where you access all of your games/items to edit them, change metadata, open in studio, etc.


Are there any plans for an analytics feature surrounding UGC Accessories; similar to experience analytics?


I wish when we view the full list of our accessories, that it would also show sales numbers.


I hate to be a downer, but why can’t I view the sales of clothing sold through my group?

As someone said previously, favorites aren’t the best metric for determining an item’s financial success. And I would like to see which pieces of clothing are doing well.

Would it be possible to view the sales numbers of clothing or other assets once again in the future?


This is a cool update but the “updated x ago” on the experiences is completely wrong for me. I have an experience I’ve updated just 4 days ago but it says it was last updated 5 months ago. I also think it’d be nice if there were filter options so I can sort by DAU instead.


damn that looks good!

i seriously love the creator hub, so any change is welcome!

edit: mobile support is really good too


Excellent, but I rlly wanna see likes for my games there too


wait I open this present… whoo cool great update

An great future sall be you seen an catagory where you on the left seen your best experience and wich friends have play them and make it that you can scroll on the catagory you seen just 3 things in each catagory

The screen schot 1 stay that merch boot demo last updated 2 weeks ago but there 5 people working on it



Infernal Undead Immortal Sword for 150 ?!!?!


Looks great, finally an actual homepage. One slight visual bug, the ‘Home’ button is not blue as the other ones when you’re on the Homepage.
Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 12.53.08
Should have this color:
Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 12.54.11


I don’t understand this it’s Verry unprofessional to use free model in your experiences

No hate to users who use free model


It is not unprofessional, the reason “Free Models” are there is for people to use them. There’s nothing wrong with using Models made by others.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should make your Game be made of 100% Free Models but having a few Assets from the Toolbox inside your Game, it’s not a problem as long as they fit in.


Oh, so that was what I saw yesterday when I was browsing through the Dashboard.

It does look pretty clean and modern, I’ll give Roblox a point for that :hidere: .


This looks just awesome! Honestly the last one just looked kind of boring, but this one looks great! Love this update! Roblox has been going downhill with some of the updates one of them being their moderation but recently they have been doing some good updates!


It’s as simple as creating a new bookmark named devforum and having it be the new URL.


usually i just type the first letter of every site i want to open when i open firefox, enter, and then ctrl tab, easy as that, no clicking needed

bookmarks make that process a lot longer


Add a keyboard shortcut to your desktop with a shortcut key, or make it so when it opens it opens a list of tabs.


Is there supposed to be a invisible button here?