Creator Homepage: All your important updates in one place!

Hello Creators!

As Creator Hub has grown to hold all of the features that it does today, we asked ourselves a question:

What if we made a single destination where you could see all your content, friend activity, and other key insights?

Introducing the Homepage on Creator Hub! Today, this page will pull together your most critical assets, key analytical insights, actions to improve your content and learn new skills, as well as updates from the community.

We’re incredibly excited to be delivering this first version of the Homepage, but it is just the beginning! Homepage will continue to be a strategic focus for the team, as we mold it into a page that perfectly optimizes for the type of Creator that you are, highlighting the right information at the right time from across all of our products.

We can only do this with you, so let us know what your thoughts are, and give us feature requests!

Newer Creators will see a slightly different Homepage…

Appreciate it as always,
Creator Hub Team


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this is an amazing update! im very excited about this update and cant wait to see it; this is going to make the creator dashboard so much better


this looks so incredibly smooth and convenient, genuinely much appreciative of this. thank you


Will there be a minimal option for it? The buttons seem way too big and chunky.


Thank you for this great update, it’s nice to see how this new creator stuff is coming along. However I’ve noticed that all my private games show up too, are there plans for adding a filter there, notably for that? I’m pretty sure private games aren’t the most interesting ones to see insights for


Loving this, great work team.

Do you plan to be able to customise this homepage? Stuff like the avatar items I will never care about because it’s just items for myself and that means I need to scroll past it to view what’s new

If I click a user who replies to this thread. Why does it show the top comment at the thread instead of their DevForum profile/reply/everything they replied? Seems like odd UX.


Great update! But one suggestion.
I don’t really find how many people have favorited a clothing item very useful. But if you replace that with the number of users who have bought the item (all time or in the last seven days), I would find that more useful. Favorites don’t say much about how successful a clothing item is.
This would be even better if it showcased more popular clothing items before less popular clothing items.

I also think that it should continue with more shirts and experiences rather than making you click “View all avatar items” (since that doesn’t give you quick snippets of information)


I love the new Homepage! It definitely looks cleaner than before.

Although I have one nitpick I would like to point out:

I cannot scroll left or right. I have to press the buttons which is a slight nuisance.


There will be update like this but will people like it


Congrats on the launch! It looks beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


When I saw the new homepage, I was thinking exactly this. Favourites is a mostly useless metric, sales would be much more helpful. Except from that, I think it looks great, although it’s a little harder to use.


Really nice update!

I do think it would be more helpful personally to only see public games/on-sale items first rather than a mix of private/off-sale assets. With the clothing specifically a sales counter would be extremely helpful at quick glance as well.


Fun to see some high level analytics of our experiences at a quick glance.

I do wonder if there any plans on introducing a home page for groups rather than just our personal accounts?


Great update! I love that the announcements are also there.

By the way, could you add a way where it shows your “Weekly Earn” which will include all assets and even Premium Payout to it at the very bottom maybe?

That way you can check how much you have earned per day, the weekly earning, get averages, etc. Cuz currently clicking on my account to see my Robux doesn’t show my a weekly earned or anything per day.

I feel like Past Day, Past 7 Days, and Past 30 Days aren’t enough as they are not useful to know what you have earned during a specific period of time. Like Sunday to Sunday for example… (Unless you check the Past 7 Days the exact Sunday)


Good update! I personally would prefer being able to have a sort option for faster utilization. Although I have to press a button instead of scrolling? Weird design… but otherwise good job!


This looks awesome, however one of the major issues right now is the lack of customization: I would like to be able to chose what games appear. Right now a bunch of test places are clogging my home page- I would like to see my main games (maybe even allow me to pull games from personal account + groups I have edit access to all into one page for ease of access!). Additionally I don’t have any active Avatar Items, so I would like to be able to hide that section instead of it showing a few tshirts I uploaded (that can’t be archived!). Maybe the ability to “pin” games to the home page would alleviate some of the issues?


I’m usually a hater and you simply can’t hate on this. Finally, a feature that actually moves this platform forward.

UX looks pretty sweet. Please, moving forward, model new things after this. It looks great. Feels great. Feels intentional and planned out. As if, people legitimately care.

Customization would be a great addition but, happy as is.

Thank you.


I know this is a bit off-topic, but you guys said some time ago when the new Creator Website got rolled out that the DevForum address will be changed from to or something similar to that at a later date. When is that coming? The inconsistency between the DevForum Address and the other Creator Websites is killing me. :sob:


I’d be upset if it got changed. Currently all I have to do is type “d” into the address bar to open up the forum, super useful. I don’t want to have to type out an entire address.