Creator Homepage: All your important updates in one place!

No. It’s supposed to be the close button, indicated by the aria-label.

Wonder what happens if you click on it…


I don’t know if they updated it, but you are able to hold Shift to scroll.


I’m just now seeing this. This actually looks sick! This will be so useful, i just know it.


Love this change! Not a bug so I didn’t want to post it in bug reports, but some slight feedback!
This iconography is very similar, and led me to think that “View on Roblox” would also open the item in a new tab. However it just redirects you to the item page.

Would love if “View On Roblox” also opened the item in a new tab!

This new page has this really nice heading, but
WHY is it not also on the regular Roblox home page like it used to be?


I wish the design was the same across all websites. I like the dark material and fluent design. The development page and basically all other pages used to have the same style back in 2016.


If they fix thumbnails of models, plugin, decals, meshs and videos, it would be good
For this moment, they are not loading

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There is something wrong with using “Free Models”. Some of them has a virus that can get your account banned. Thats how my 2017 acc with limiteds worth 30k robux got banned. If someone is reading this plz dont use free models that looks sketchy or arent popular.

Couldn’t people just remove any attached scripts after adding to the experience ?
Asking, because wondering if said virus can do anything by adding it, then removing scripts ?

Virus that banned me was probably a texture or a decal. if it was a script then it was in a working radio.

That’s not possible that an image can be a virus. Also, how is that even related to the creator homepage?

When i am saying a virus i mean a thing that can get you banned.

That would be called a false ban, but it’s not a virus because it doesn’t spread.

How many experiences do you want to monitor across groups? Instead of sort, how about just manual drag and drop?

It is no longer possible to view plugin sales. Is this intended? It was super useful for analytics. Is it possible to view them using an API?

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ye how tf can they forget about this we need a staff in here

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