Creator Roadmap - AMA with Dan and Manuel

Please- if you’re unable to answer the question right now, please just say so. We just want to know our complaints on the percentage split are heard, not given copy/pasted messages. As it is, the UGC creators are just getting more and more frustrated.
Please, treat us like the valuable assets Roblox claims we are.


What is the current status of custom icons for the the entirety of studio and not just the explorer? I really don’t like the current icons and I would like a way to change them, and I didn’t see anything related to it on the roadmap. From what I have heard, the ribbon icons use QT, and I’m not knowledgeable on that framework. The last I have heard about this was from this comment from an admin.


Check out the answer in the question about future support for files and about the creator marketplace. Hope this helps!


Can you please reply to this or at least say no if you don’t know as we have been waiting weeks for a response


We are excited about the prospect of external source control for our Roblox projects. However, we also need support for CI/CD processes that enable us to efficiently build, test, and run our Roblox game files. Currently, our studio relies on a nightly build of our game through CI, but we face significant challenges in achieving this due to issues with authentication, forcing us to resort to workarounds that includes setting the RBXID, using a VPN just to avoid invalidation of the ROBLOSECURITY cookie. Let alone running the game where we need to use an abundance of tools such as run-in-roblox, roblox-win-installer and etc.

We would greatly appreciate improvements in this area to streamline our CI/CD workflows and avoid these cumbersome hurdles.


Will there be any upgrades to the skybox system? I’ve always felt like the skybox system was lackluster and outdated, especially with the very rough transition from sunlight to moonlight, the lack of custom night skyboxes and lack of reflections at night. Looking at the recent weather-related updates like wind and clouds, this would be a logical next step to take.


Are there any answers for this?

Said that perfectly. That response, the vague, cookie-cutter response is what I despise about the support emails and by extension Roblox. That is what needs to change. The word salad.

Maybe there’s a quota or something Roblox staff is held at gun-point to. By gun-point, I mean their jobs. Maybe it’s a c-level/c-suite issue. Idk, but I don’t think any developer enjoys it.


I realize I put all of my questions into one post, but I’m wondering if at least part of it can get a response?

Mainly in regards to shaders / GPU API or monthly updates on already announced features (and preferably whichever future features can also be announced). But I believe everything mentioned there is important.


Some of the big posts that were either unanswered or ignored at this time were:



I want all questions answered just as anyone else. However, I just wanted to say- if we want effective responses, they need time to do so. It’s two people responding to like 100 questions.


My post literally has only 10 less likes than Roblox’s post itself, yet there’s been no response to it. I hope there will be a response to it later, because it would be extremely ironic for a top-voted post highlighting the lack of responses to top-voted issues to recieve… a lack of a response, on an “AMA” thread meant to help address this problem.


Feels sad that the most wanted questions never get answered

It’s back to screaming at a wall and hoping for answers

Dev awards, limiteds all should be answered
Two people isn’t a lot but it seemed weird when these are the most liked posts?


This is in the settings? I mean, for example, it is in the settings and says activate translation on messages, and then put your language, is this thing in the settings?


Our company is currently very bottlenecked due to all of the bugs we run into in studio, the code editor being one of the biggest. Each developer loses at least 30 minutes daily working around (or just complaining) about issues. With a team of dozens of people, this really adds up to a lot of lost time & money.

Last year at RDC this was brought up as one of our biggest pain points as well and we were told it would be addressed.

It is concerning to be here a year later, still running into the same issues, being told we will hear only an announcement at RDC. How can we appropriately plan to scale our business when we are unsure if it will take another 1-2 years to get developers a working code editor?


When will we be able to use the water material on parts? I don’t like terrain because it has no precision

Also, water can only have one wave speed/wave size/color for the whole place which is limiting

Follow up question: will underwater fog ever be a separate property from water transparency?


If anyone wants a summary of what’s already been asked and answered, here you go:

Summary of the Creator Roadmap AMA (June 2023)


Hi @Noble_Draconian - Thank you for your feedback and for the examples. This is very helpful as reflecting on specific details provided will serve to help us improve. Based on the engagement of your post, many community members echo your sentiment. We need to get this right.

Some of the issues have been addressed in the thread above such as the plugin share and our work to improve discovery. We want you to know that we hear your feedback and will be taking it back to our teams.

What really stood out about your post is your sentiment around communication and a robust strategy for feedback being key to our success. We couldn’t agree more. Respect the Community is a core tenet of Roblox. We haven’t always gotten this right and many of the examples you have shared we have discussed in-depth to make sure that we are on the right path moving forward. The purpose of this AMA and the Roadmap is to help serve this goal and to foster trust with the community with improved communication. Specifically, we created a key objective for the Creator Group to track our progress holistically as it relates to improving communication and trust with the community. We are monitoring this daily and there is broad visibility across Roblox now about this effort. In fact, that’s how the Creator Roadmap came to be. We hope in the months to come you will observe less examples of feedback gone unheard or unaddressed. In the past couple months we have closed more inbound forum bugs than were opened, which is a small but meaningful indicator of progress.

Thanks again for serving as an important voice of the community and keeping us honest. We hope to hear from you again, and we hope you see the efforts we are making for the community.


Hello Dan and Manuel! I hope you are both doing well. I have a few questions of my own that may or may not be closely related towards what it shown in the roadmap (I hope that is okay) here they are:

UI Blur?

I’m sure this has been a question asked by many. But I must know, are there any plans of implementing regional blur to UI? Now of course, there are hacky ways to go about this by using a neon part or even using BlurEffect, but this does not achieve the same end goal. I know myself and others would be thrilled to have this added as it is a small effect that can greatly improve the UI visuals of games.

Advanced Settings Options

This has been on my mind for a while lately, I also assume that this has been a thought at some point in time but I believe that it may need to be reintroduced with the new upcoming tech that is expanding the future of Roblox. Now, I understand, the goal is to allow for anyone to be able to play Roblox and this is why it is such a simpler solution that can prevent the need for more limitations on standard tech. The idea I am proposing is an Advanced Settings Options section onto the already existing settings menu. Currently, there is only an option to choose “Automatic” and “Manual” graphics options with a scale of 1-10. This is problematic in my opinion as it doesn’t go into any specifics. Now what if there were more customization that could better suit the device such as changing render distance, disabling blur effects, simple texture rendering, etc. I believe in adding this section it will eliminate the need to put harsh limitations on newly released tech, why make those with better hardware have to suffer because the new features were downscaled to suit all devices old and new? Anyways, I hope this is passed along, I wanted to share it.

Part Culling

This is something that seems quite useful and it is used somewhat. Are there any plans to integrate the addition of a property for developers to enable and disable part culling? There are times when an object needs to be hidden, however the only current solution is either to reparent the object, move the objects out into infinity, or delete them. An addition to this question if face culling, the ability to cull a face of an object with the enum properties. I hope this sparks an interest or answers a question.

Thank you for reading my response, if there is anything that I may have glanced over or asked that had been discussed before, let me know. Have a great day!