Creator Roadmap (Pt. 3 of 4) - Benefit from a growing creator ecosystem

By catalog do you mean the avatar marketplace? If yes, look out for a post in the next couple of weeks with a lot more details on what’ll be happening with the marketplace! I hope it answers all of your questions and then some!


The link there also leads to a 404

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If you put a little more thought into it you’ll find that if you don’t add an anticheat to 32-bit as well, you might as well just not add an anticheat since people will just use the 32-bit version. That’s exactly what exploiters are doing right now, using the Microsoft Store version of Roblox which hasn’t updated yet. Roblox can’t afford to make the anticheat work with 32-bit as well so 32-bit Roblox not working anymore isn’t going to change ever.
Roblox isn’t sure about Linux yet, they want to make it work for Linux so maybe in the future no promises.

I am so ready too see this get released!

  • Inventory API - Check if a user owns an item (Mid 2023)

I may not fully understand why this may be added. I thought you could of already check if a user owns an item? MarketplaceService:PlayerOwnsAsset()
(Or is this for the web?)

What I’m looking forward too

  • Simplify ‘Right to be Forgotten’ (GDPR) Process - Reference solution that uses Webhooks and Open Cloud Data Store APIs to automatically process incoming requests (Mid 2023)

(Despite I’ve never gotten a Right to be Forgotten request) I am looking forward to this, and I imagine this will help a lot of developers.

  • Alt-Account Detection - Take action on repeat offenders and help us combat exploiters on Roblox (Late 2023)

This is great, this can help a lot of people, and I am looking forward to this! :happy3:

  • Additional Spam & Plagiarism Protections - More rigorous plagiarism detection and punishments for repeat offenders (Late 2023)

This could GREATLY improve the marketplace! I am very excited for this!

I believe that’s everything I want to talk about here. I am pretty much excited for everything that this week Creator Roadmap has!


@Kairomatic your one sentence is more transparency than they have given us in months.

What do you mean, the last roadmap section has nothing to do with it ?, so this is seperate from the roadmap ?.

  • I Have a question about offsale items going limited and how roblox temporarily halted it for ugc limiteds and so far we haven’t got a response when it returns or any transparency,
    All these good offsale items are rotting away and roblox did such a good job in 2022 and early 2023, blue top hat going on sale that was so cool, and turning offsale items into limiteds and then just halted it for ugc limiteds with no transparency shows a bad light for the catalog team.
    People have been asking weeks for transparency from the catalog team for when offsale items going limited will return. They were temporarily halted for UGC Limiteds and now its been three months. No Transparency, No Replies, No Help, Another silent nothing from the catalog team who never reply to any of these questions that have been asked by people all over the devforum and roblox.
    There is so much rare and demanded offsales that many own and would like to obtain and resell to others or ones that people really want such as workclocks, bigheads, tixaplooza event items and etc.
    Offsale limiteds had a very positive reception and these items shouldnt be rotting offsale and the transparency on these is so empty and we would greatly appreciate some transparency of this.
    Memorial day is next week, roblox, we are asking for you just to show such care like in early 2023, its only a few months ago but wow, times change.

Also @givenothingback at RDC brought up plans to turn all roblox created items limiteds that can be traded and resold, Thats Fantastic ! and there is many items such as workclocks and more people want and it really defined roblox’s history but roblox hasnt responded on this either and many are now waiting and fighting for an answer, Are we really meant to fight for answers ?.
Here is some people asking and stating even better points on the transparency of the catalog team.

People are fighting for answers and it makes me question what’s going on ?

Former interns, bloxy award winners, even the richest robloxian asked this question
We feel like we are screaming at a wall and its not good at all. its embarrasing

Wish we would finally get a response and have to stop fighting for one. honestly makes me sad

This image is what the community want limited and want roblox to be transparent about, months and months waiting and we are now here asking again and again.


Wow, I never thought Roblox would actually give us a way to interact with any built in anti-cheat. I’m guessing Roblox will become a sort-of Minecraft situation maybe?

I mean to be honest, its not about just the exploiters that just use the windows store version. Most exploiters wont even use it anyway along with most other normal players. This is more about the general player base rather than whatever desperate exploiter. (Either way the windows store version sucks)

If they’re trying to stop exploiters by adding an anti tamper that costed them millions, giving exploiters a way to bypass it instantly doesn’t really help does it. Not that many people use Wine and it’s not that hard to upgrade to 64-bit unless your machine is too old which probably means it’s time to upgrade.

As said on the roadmap, it’s for web apis.

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  • Alt-Account Detection - Take action on repeat offenders and help us combat exploiters on Roblox (Late 2023)

I don’t know how this is supposed to work properly, and there’s nothing wrong with having an alt account, unless of course you are breaking rules.

Will this ban everyone from having alts? Will you use IP addresses to detect alts? Couldn’t you just use a VPN?Does this just ban rulebreakers from having alts? Elaborate, please, it’s so vague and there’s nothing explained in detail here.

And what about the “moderation precision” part? Can you explain that in a bit more detail please?

I’m not really sure what to think about “balanced safety and moderation” section, but the rest seems pretty great.


What a shit way to tell people to upgrade their machine.
Not many people can afford to buy a new machine, or even if they can they probably don’t want to if their old one works just as fine.

I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish with this reply but 32-bit support isn’t going to happen. Upgrading is gonna be the only option if you still want to play Roblox in a week or two.

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Overall, looking great!

I kind of wish that the “more creative freedom” entailed changes to uploading and distributing audio, creating a more creator-friendly marketplace system, and other such things.

There are much better ways to promote creative freedom than relaxing the chat filter on games played by kids.

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While a fair amount of people still use the 32 bit architecture, the whole computer industry is moving away from 32 bit.

There’s just no changing that, and Roblox has no other choice but to follow, if they want to stay up to date with the industry, so there is nothing wrong with what @ObviouslyGreen has said, it’s just the truth.


Also, when I said that they should probably upgrade their machine, I was refering to people that can’t upgrade to 64 bit which is only the case when their device does not have atleast 2gb of RAM. I really don’t think anyone’s still running a device with 1gb of RAM, but I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that it’s time for them to upgrade.

This is the best section of the creator roadmap thus far. Tons of new features that I’ve been waiting on for years!

OAuth2.0 is going to be huge for external applications. I applied for the Beta recently, for a Roblox-based analytics platform I’ve been working on, but haven’t heard back. Are you all still accepting applications to it or are y’all waiting until the full release to give more creators access?

I could imagine they’d utilise the new “age category” thing to make sure kids can’t shout swear words in Adopt Me.

In more mature games, the chat filter needs to be relaxed though.

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still no videoframe here… its been 3 years… I hope this gets addressed soon.


Can’t wait for new serverside anticheat!

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Great, i guess i’ll stop developing in Roblox then

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