Creator Roadmap (Pt. 3 of 4) - Benefit from a growing creator ecosystem


Hello again, this is Nick and Tian! For those of you that may not know us, we’re Roblox’s Engineering and Product Leadership for Creator at Roblox. Over the last two weeks, we’ve shared with you how you’ll be able to create however you want and the ways we’re making it easier to grow and engage your audience on Roblox.

Let’s talk about today’s installment of the Creator Roadmap: Benefit from a growing creator ecosystem.

Creation is complex. This is why we’ve been exploring new solutions to streamline, simplify, and altogether enhance your productivity. This includes expanding support for a wider range of third-party services with the release of OAuth2, the addition of flexible APIs to let you customize (and automate) your workflows, and improvements to the Marketplace which will make it much easier to discover assets. Speaking of creative freedom, did you see that we’re adding the option to relax the text filter for your 13+ experiences? Please relax responsibly.

We are also investing heavily in technology to combat cheaters through a combination of detection and prevention improvements and will be offering you new ways to earn with advertising.

Let us know what you think—we believe that having open conversations about our work will help us improve. Once again, thank you for your continued support and involvement in helping us shape the future of creation. We have more to come in the fourth installment next week. If we don’t get a chance to respond to your questions or feedback this week, Dan and Manuel will be hosting an “Ask Me Anything” question-and-answer session here on the forum in a couple of weeks to discuss your most pressing questions.

Nick & Tian


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This Is Cool, especially immersive ads.

Alt account detection sounds very interesting, and also the drop in filters in the chat is very good as many are done with the constant issues of hashtags so its generally really good and should have happened sooner in my opinion

Inventory API Is also very cool, finally a bit of transparency on a small part of roblox that means a lot.

Just disapointing that the catalog was underrepresented generally in the roadmap,
Not even its own section and there a struggle to communicate with.


I’m happy to see a lot of features that have been asked for by developers (some for a long time) appear on the roadmap. But, the new documentation site still has a lot of issues (such as visual and functional issues) which aren’t included on the roadmap. Will there be any considerations in regard to the documentation page?



This will make things so much easier. I’ve been waiting for this for so long.


What OAuth scopes are planned for the foreseeable future?


I am really excited for all this!

What does “relax” mean?


I’m interested in the moderation part. Will this fix the long standing issue where audio assets are declined for no apparent reason, and appeals are just told “no” with no good reason?


I should note that both of these were originally made for commissions or by a developer for a game, not free to use.

This has happened many, many times for me for zero reason at all and has no good reason to be happening anymore, it’s an extreme flaw in the audio uploading process.


We’ll cover some of the upcoming Documentation features in the Creator Hub section next week


Still not a search bar in the toolbox for group owned assets? It’s been 4 years since it’s suggested.

Kinda hoped to see it at the Accelerate creation part.

  1. Speaking of creative freedom, did you see that we’re adding the option to relax the text filter for your 13+ experiences? Please relax responsibly.

Does this mean we can roleplay properly without our roleplay codes being tagged for people that are underage or over aged, but still being tagged? Some codes include 10-8, 1 sector, and multiple other phrases with numbers that hinder our roleplay experience on this platform. If need be, I am willing to talk about this in an interview and be a spokesperson of this issue that we roleplayers face.

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What kind of tools will Roblox give developers for identifying cheaters? Will we get new API that we can interact with in scripts, will it be in the form of logs for suspicious player behavior, or something else entirely?


For now identity-related scopes (e.g. to achieve “Login with Roblox” use cases to validate your User ID with third-party tooling), and the asset management and messaging service scopes (similar to what API keys have currently).

Feel free to request other Open Cloud permissions/scopes for API keys and OAuth2.0 in #feature-requests:website-features. The announcement we’ll make once OAuth2.0 releases to public beta will also be a good place to chat about other scopes you might need.


Less hashed out phrases and terms if you are verified to be 13+ and in an experience that has also enable the 13+ chat. We talked about it a bit during RDC which you can watch here! :slight_smile:


Will “verification” be by ID or phone? I don’t want to share my ID with Roblox, but more is being locked behind it (especially if the annoying filter gets thrown behind it), although asset uploading limits were raised for people phone verified.


I would like to ask a question about the Alt-Account Detection.
Will it be moderation automatically detecting alt accounts, or will we have a tool that we can use to interact with the system?

  • Alt-Account Detection - Take action on repeat offenders and help us combat exploiters on Roblox (Late 2023)

Ok Roblox, I can tell this is useful in the specified case where people use alts to re-join a game after they got banned or to hack. In fact, this will be very useful in this scenario.
However, what about the people using them to replay the game’s story?
In Loomian Legacy, for example, the player has no option to restart and even if they did, they would loose their current progress. This would mean the player has no option if an alt-account can not be used.
It also makes me wonder what Star Creators would do. Do they get to bypass the alt-account detelction?
I would also think that this would detect any account without Robux though, so doing this would flag thousands of real players. This could be fixed by using IP addresses (but a VPN can prevent this) or by the user linking alt-accounts to their main account, which someone who plans to hack most likely would not be following the ToS anyway, so would not bother linking the accounts if it is only used to add moderation.
I may have just not understood this and it is just a “detection” that alerts the owner or admins to an alt-account, but wouldn’t most game developers ignore it even if it was a problem because they are unsure of it’s use.

So, my questions are:
Is there any information on how this will work?
How will it alert the game moderation (or will it just kick you)?
I would also think that Star Creators will be able to bypass this? But then the question is what do non-Star Creators do if they are still popular?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Is the alt detection a detection to the game devs ?

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If it gets released, there will probably be proxy functions in new exploits. I dont think IP is reliable, same goes to HWID.


The client anti cheat is very much appreciated (however it would be beneficial for it to not come at the cost of lower end systems and all linux systems). However i do have to ask, what does the “server-side” anti cheat mean? Right now i think its pretty clear what the client-side anti cheat is and what it is supposed to do but i still do not understand what the server-side thing is. From what i know, Byfrons anti cheat (Hyperion i think) is mainly just an anti cheat (or more like anti tamper) strapped onto the client and not something running on the server. So then, what does the server-side anti cheat mean?

  1. the ads section doesn’t seem to have a picture

the immersive ads seems to be already out as Q1 has passed 2 months ago (though Sea World Abu Dhabi opens today)

  1. The Alt-Account Detection seems good, though Roblox should ban users for abusing alts to evade bans and prevent them from logging to a different account nor make a new one, so if someone uses their alt to bypass bans, they can’t do it anymore

  2. The Anti-Cheat is kind of out but it’s more of an Anti-Tamper as it prevents certain software from running, it even made Linux Users MAD for intentionally blocking Wine

  3. The Richer Audio Discovery was made because of a feature request in #development-discussion (it’s a private category so if you’re not logged in, don’t click on the development-discussion thing)

  4. I’m glad about the OAuth2 Public Release, I am planning to make a website which uses that (don’t worry I’m not gonna eat your cookies!) and It would be used in my upcoming discourse forum (it would be like if It exists) and my website for my roblox account :wink: