Creator Roadmap (Pt. 3 of 4) - Benefit from a growing creator ecosystem

What’s stopping you from updating to 64-bit?

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Got to agree with that one, most people are on 64-bit or isnt everyone ?

Alt account banning… what does this mean?
some of us (me) have used alt accounts to: grind games, make games, troll players (act like noob then be a pro all along, harmless)

does banning mean even the main acc gets banned
cuz how do they detect mains?


Really nice to hear that you guys are still working on getting cheaters off the platform! Also cant wait for more advertising news!

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Regarding the moderation thing with anti-cheat and better alt detection (even though Roblox has pretty good alt detection from what i’ve seen).

Are there any plans for developers to utilise this blocking with a dedicated Ban method in game, I know several people besides me have requested this, and its a better solution than letting admin scripts “hack” together a solution with DataStores

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Agreed, this is a major point people are talking about.

Roblox needs to clarify what kind of alts they are targetting, it’s frustrating with their lack of transparency.

Uhhh im kinda scared for this I hope this means your only targeting people who exploit and stuff but in general like any alt accounts please don’t cause I like having multiple accounts for personal reasons


Clearly you have never tried talking in a language other than English in the Roblox chat


This is incredible. Thank you for the work you guys are putting into this. It feels good working as a full-time Roblox game dev when you know the Roblox team is working to improve your games just like you are.


If Roblox actually delivers on this process then this is a huge improvement. One of the biggest problems with Roblox as a platform is its moderation. People constantly get banned for no reason, with a small chance for an appeal. At the very least its nice to know that they acknowledge this and are trying to fix it.

I’d like to know if we’ll get any tools to control this. I’d like to disable this if I want, maybe for specific users?

Is this all alt accounts or just ones used for ban evasion. If it’s all, I don’t think that’s a good choice, but I’d like to ban ban evaders

This is a big plus since Roblox has notoriously had a terrible chat filter. I’m curious to see just how relaxed it’s actually going to be. With the recent additions to AI, it might be cool to use that for moderation sometimes.

I’m glad that Roblox is at least acknowledging the problems with the moderation management, but we’ll see if they can keep it up and how well they can improve this.


It’s nice to see that they are working on the moderation after I have personally experienced the effects of moderation right now (it’s not great). Does the moderation improvement include support too?

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Epic, will be definitely using immersive ads.

If you are going to be going along with the text filter for 13+, I believe there needs to be a bit more rigorous questionnaire.

The main thing is a question before publishing, like, does this still comply with the standards you have set?

The questionnaire should be mandatory, because many games can get around it simply by not doing anything.

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I’m very excited for Inventory API!

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Does this talk about audio discovery mean that we will be able to make audio as public again?


Incredible work, I’m especially excited for the OAuth support. Thanks for the fantastic roadmap and transparency!

I think they are adding filters for sound effects and different categories of music to make searching for audio easier. But I hope they’ll address the restrictions soon (especially on SFX).

Nice to hear, that you are going to improve moderation.
But small question. Will developer stats be availible on mobile devices?


Great to hear about better sponsor targetting, sponsors have terrible CTR compared to recommendations. I don’t expect sponsors to ever be quite as good but even getting close would be great.


The Creator Dashboard page does support mobile devices. Unless you mean something else

The Group API looks promising, looking forward to that!

Will the Right to Erasure requests be more automatable than current state with webhooks → having to host your own server → Open Cloud? Preferably where this having to host your own server isn’t necessary :smile: