Creator Roadmap - RDC 2023 Update

Hi everyone,

It’s Nick and Tian bringing you the biggest update for the Creator Roadmap yet, showcasing all of our major announcements from RDC 2023. It’s been four months since we launched the roadmap, and in that time, we’ve shipped 28 new features. Now, we’re adding over 30 new features to the roadmap to capture much of what our teams will focus on in the upcoming months. You can see the full list at the bottom of this post.

Judging by your feedback, many of you are especially excited about support for PlayStation, Luau file syncing, customizable grass height, Assistant-powered re-texturing, and subscriptions within experiences. We can’t wait to bring these capabilities to you and more!

It was wonderful to meet many of you at RDC and hear your thoughts firsthand. We want to continue to listen – let us know what’s working and what’s not.

As part of that, we’re hosting the second Creator Roadmap AMA on October 4 to learn more about your needs and priorities. Your feedback lets us know what’s important to the community. ICYMI - you can also check out Dan and Manuel’s AMA from June.

Thank you.

New Features

Click here for the full list of new features added!

Create however you want

  • Easy creation, optimized for your ideal workflows
    • Studio Luau File Sync Beta
    • Engine Open Cloud API Beta (Scripting only)
    • Public packages on Creator Marketplace
  • Studio will address long-standing bugs and pain points
    • Unreliable remote events
    • Occlusion culling
    • UI styling & flex layouts
  • Create rich and lifelike worlds
    • Mesh & Texture APIs
    • Audio API
    • Video uploads
    • New voxel light grid
    • Customizable grass height
    • Upper Body tracking
  • Cloud creation improves collaboration and reliability
    • Granular Collaborator Permissions
    • Experience Activity History
    • Live Collaborator Presence in Studio
  • Generative AI accelerates creation
    • Assistant Beta
  • Avatar creation and marketplace
    • Photo to avatar
    • Accessory adjustment tool

Grow and engage your audience

  • Match your users to the best server
    • Prewarming
    • Social Context and Experience Hop Prompts
  • Roblox on all popular devices
    • Meta Quest Full Release
    • PlayStation Full Release
  • Empower immersive communication and expression
    • Roblox Connect
    • Screenshots
    • Updated experience controls

Benefit from a growing creator ecosystem

  • Roblox Cloud helps you scale
    • Secret Store for HTTPService
  • Balanced safety and moderation
    • Adding Strong Language Support to 17+ Experiences
    • Banning API
  • More ways to earn and advertise
    • Earn more on Creator Marketplace sales
    • Subscriptions within experiences

Creator Hub is your key to success

  • Learn, connect, and create, with one another
    • Search Improvements for Docs
  • Actionable insights to grow your experience
    • Analytics for Avatar Items
    • Analytics for Experience Items and Passes
    • Acquisition Analytics Improvements
    • Session Time for New vs. Returning Users
    • External Acquisition Source
    • Improved Insights and Benchmarks

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Glad to see you guys have made a bunch of major updates to make Roblox more enjoyable; still think it’s strange that most of the updates arent given any input by the community before forcefully adding them, like the R6 to R15 update, and the face update, which will make games laggier for clients and servers.

Also think it’s interesting how little to no care the UGC catalog has been. Made a megathread about it, but I’m sure there will be little to lack of no input about the topic. Thats not even including the tax rates on them. If it’s here to stay like A.I is on the internet, then I guess it’s bound to stay :stuck_out_tongue:

Not trying to throw too much shade, theres probably more good than bad overall with the creator roadmap,


This is like a dream come true!

Unreliable remote events
Mesh & Texture APIs
Occlusion culling
UI styling & flex layouts
Audio API

All in the same announcement!

Thank you to everyone at Roblox who is paving the way towards getting these in-game, these have all been a huge community request for a while and I gotta say, I had almost lost hope.

Can’t wait to play with the betas and build a whole new tier of experiences with just this set of features, it can’t be overstated how impactful this year will be on Roblox.


Glad, to see PlayStation and Meta Quest coming on Roblox, but is there any plans for Nintendo switch?


I’m really excited to see support for PlayStation, subscriptions and Banning API!

Are you planning to add Arabic version of the documentation?


Does this include fixing light leaks? It’s just a long term pain point in lighting, it really should be fixed by next year.

When I say long term, I really mean it, it’s been happening for who knows how long, but Roblox definitely was aware of this issue since 2020.

I did hear that engineers are working on this but I have heard no official statement, so I would love to hear an update on this situation (e.g., whether it will be part of the creator roadmap or not).


I’d love to see an increased limit on server memory. I’ve seen a couple of creators (including myself) that are very limited to the 6.25 GB ceiling we have when creating games. Our games will go over the limit over time which results in our servers crashing. This significantly hurts retention, and we aren’t equipped with the best suggestions by ROBLOX on how to reduce it.

ROBLOX is a growing platform with games that are becoming more realistic, and personally I believe the platform should help creators by increasing this limit.


Is there any news/ETA on the tools for reporting, managing and tracking IP claims? As I feel this is a growing issue on Roblox with games, clothing and with the upcoming release of public UGC there is a lot to protect and not a lot that can be done to protect what you believe is yours unless you go nuclear with DMCA.


Will an ETA come out for Android future lighting? Android seems to have been left out or left behind when it comes to most new features (including highlights to a degree).


I’m concerned that this is on the roadmap (and set for this year) despite the clear strong-opinions of many developers, both positive and negative. In my case, unless massive changes are made, I see this as a regression and many other developers also appear to share that sentiment:


Does the occlusion culling only exist in studio or experiences as well?


I think I can say with confidence that we want custom analytics as well, would be a great addition


Godbless occlusion culling, do you have any idea how painful my open world is? :sob:


Interesting. Will this have a alt detection… :wink:


Definitely excited for Playstation support! Awesome to finally see it.


Yes, this was announced at RDC that they will do their best with bans to also detect alts of the originally banned user.


It seems that on this roadmap the “Flexible Quantity” UGC items are not mentioned at all, is there any update on that?


We’ll see what the creator roadmap has to say on October 4th, we should likely get our answers then.


I really hope it is not happening, but we’ll see when we get there.