Creepy Elmo Model

Hello! I recently made this creepy Elmo head, and I’m wondering what you think! I’m aware that there is no fur, but that is on purpose because I’m gonna put this in roblox once I lower the tris count. A few things to notice: The scarring, the eyball hanging, and the punched in nose.


I’ve moved this to Cool Creations since you’re looking for general feedback.


Nothing much to say honestly, other than adding some fur to the head like in the picture so it doesn’t look to plain

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:flushed: If I see that jump scaring me at night, I’ll freak!

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Greetings, your elmo model lacks color at the start, but the way you made your model is really appreciated and the sacry-look really made your model fit for it’s genre.
Though, publishing a horror game based on children’s favorite characters is not much recommended, in my opinion, because it may ruin the child’s imagination concerning this specific character. Though if you still would like to use this as a model for your game, I may say it’s scary-looking and maybe applicable if you want this to be placed in your game.



Well done, it is well designed and maybe use it for jumpscaring other players in your game lol.

This would honestly go good as the Character for a Horror game. Maybe you should try it, also, this is really good, keep up the good work!

I wish this was a UGC hat. Good work.

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Just make sure its not too bloody or roblox might take action.

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