CRITIQUE ME! - The Grandeur Jazz Club - 1960s

Below is a selection of photos from my latest project. Please critique and tell me what could be better, what you like and all the inbetweens!


Great job, everything looks good and in the same style! It turned out very realistic!


Quite outstanding!

The only details that I find a bit distracting are the wall column’s altering profile when nearing the floor/ceiling. Specifically the visible lines and differences in lighting/reflection on each part.

I have only just recently returned to Roblox Studio, so I’m unsure if this could be solved with Solid Modeling, or if its a side-effect of Roblox’s lighting system.

Apart from that, the layout, furniture, and material/textures are fantastic.

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This is genuinely gorgeous, I think the only two things I can even think of changing would be the reflective material on the walls in the bar style room and the volumetric light effects (I would switch the beam out with a particle since it gets rid of clipping and you can stare into the light)

Quick tutorial on particle volumetrics :
Create an attachment where the light is being emitted from,
Create a particle in the attachment,
Set the size to increase over time,
Set the transparency to decrease over time, (also fade in quickly)
Make the particles move down,
Finally set the lifetime and texture,

The best textures for this effect are a white gradient circle (Search White glow)

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