Crkva v. Ane Church recreated in Roblox

Opinions on Crkva Sv. Ane recreated in Roblox

Here is one of the only pictures I found to base it off of

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I don’t know that building but your recreation looks really accurate for me so great job on that one I guess

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Thank you very much for the feedback!

That looks sick! But there is two issue’s I found

  • And I’m not sure if this is a build that your still working on, but the top tower looks a lot more bright then the bottom half. I seen in the bottom image that the design was on purpose but for some weird reason it looks a bit off.

  • Another issue was the top of the pillar.
    in the real image, the pillar kind of of sloped upwards and out. I noticed that the Roblox Image didn’t really have the same style.

Those are the only issues that I’ve found with the build and know that this build was most likely for fun, but just thought that maybe you would need these bits of information to improve on the overall build.

The entire build was awesome!

Have a nice day!

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Thank you for the feedback! Have a great day as well!

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Thank You!

You are very talented.

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