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Hello there, I am CatholicChurchRoblox and I am a builder who mainly specializes in Church Buildings. Thanks for coming to my portfolio!

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Church Items



Presider’s Chair

Credence Table

I am available for about 3 on weekdays and Up to 4 Hours on weekends. I can always find more time to fit you in if needed.

No longer 30% off!

I accept Robux as payment for my work. Here are my prices:
Church Build’s | 800-25,000 R$
Stand Alone Items
Altar’s | 100-500 R$
Pew’s | 20-100 R$
Chair’s | 15-60 R$
Organ’s (With or without pipes) | 100-1,000 R$
Lectern’s | 50-300 R$

You can contact me on the DevFourm or on Discord (Matt the Church Guy#5568)

Thank you for your interest!


Wow these are cheap churches! Good job

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Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!

Portfolio Update 1 :

Added More Specific Payment’s
Fixed Any Errors or Mistakes

Everything is Now 25% OFF!!!

i have seen these banners before. you shouldn’t be using someone ealses banners.

It was a template someone made, so a lot of people use these specific ones! I wouldn’t steal anything, if you found that its not meant to be free i apologize. From everything ive seen its just a template.

gotcha, alright you good than, sorry about that.

I wonder if that’s banable for being religion and stuff. :yawning_face: Especially with that amount of detail.

You say that as if there arent a million churches on roblox.

Yes but it’s usually simpler and just something to decorate a map not it’s standalone thing…

very nice amazing quality! but it is a tiny bit overpriced sorry

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Not really. There’s like some whole community of people that’ll literally host church services and stuff. I think it’s pointless… but it eez what it eez.

Portfolio Update

“Added Additional Information”
“Added Newest Build Section in Portfolio”
Lowered Pricing

Can you put game links so we can look around it?

Looks great! I would put your most recent build at the top, and then your models, and then the rest of your builds.

Portfolio Update

Added Game Links to some of my Church Builds
Moved Most Recent Build to the top of the portfolio

Everything is Now 30% Off!!!

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Portfolio Update

Fixed Pricing

5 robux per obby stage is okay? If Yes, Dm Me: NvTheDeveloper#8022=