Crystalize - Staff Assistant Exam Information


First and foremost, I would like to thank you all for taking the time to complete the Staff Assistant Exam. I had to say so myself, it was indeed a bit lengthy. Although exams are past the due date, those who have not completed it still have until today, 6/28/20 at 11:59 PM EST to complete it. There will be consequences given out to those who have not completed it. Listed below, are all the answers and the passers. Please congratulate them!

Staff Assistant Exam Passers

  • PrettyHorseLover177
  • b1issfxl
  • iiXxsikexXii
  • vaquels
  • preticals
  • im_husse
  • AlyaSaeed
  • iiEtherealSkies
  • crazygirl4432
  • peachyy_ash
  • mahkaeiia
  • alIur1nq
  • SmhKalebe
  • Zoxlia
  • starlurics
  • 6765play
  • auctars
  • 2nd_IsTheBest
  • carmeIIl
  • wwwountie
  • TheEmma17
  • aamplified

Congratulations to those who have passed! To those who have passed and have turned their application on time, they will have the ability to apply for a Corporate position.


If you would like to check out the answers regarding the Staff Assistant Exam, you are able to by clicking the following link. When clicking the link, please make sure that you have already passed your Staff Assistant Exam. Those who are caught clicking the link to find out the answers for their own benefit will result in a termination.