Cube Defense: Operation Squish Full Changelog


Update 4.0.0

This list contains every single change in the Operation Squish update of Cube Defense. Please note that all tower stats have been changed, only tower functionality changes are listed.

Added Content

  • Twitter codes added!
    • SQUISH -> 5 Exp Boosters
    • VIP (VIP Game Pass Owners) -> VIP Tower Skin
    • RICHBOI (Investor Rank Holder) -> Investor Tower Skin
  • New shop tower: Garrison
    More Info
    • Added thanks to teylerlikesmen for purchasing the Epic 300k T-Shirt
    • Spawns a traversal tank on the path that will shoot cubes and cause damage on impact
    • Can be purchased in the shop for 22,000 Gold
  • New shop tower: Enhancer
    More Info
    • Previously disabled, this tower can now be purchased and placed again
    • All current owners of Enhancer do not need to repurchase it
    • Has an activated ability, that when activated, will increase the fire rate of all towers in it's range for a short period of time
    • Can be purchased in the shop for 9,750 Gold
  • New Weekly Leaderboards
    More Info
    • New Leaderboards for Competitive, Hard, Chaos, and Nightmare wins
    • Boards will reset each week
    • Prizes for top players will be implemented in a future update.
  • VIP Game Pass perk changes
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    • Removed the increase of Factory and Oil Rig placement limits
    • Now gives 25% more gold for winning a match
    • Now gives 50% more rewards for each Daily Reward
  • Star of Xovuso can now be obtained by beating the Trial of Xovuso medium mode and Blade Spinner can now be purchased in the shop
  • Nightmare Mode Temporarily Closed
    More Info
    • This mode is still be worked on and will release Monday, February 15th
  • Tower Skin Menu updated
    More Info
    • The new menu is bigger and cleaner
    • Sorting options will be implemented in a future update

General Changes

  • Campfire effects are now immediately applied when upgrading a tower
  • Rich Text has been added to message notifications
  • Shared cash has been removed
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    • Pre-Squish, any cash earned from a tower damaging a cube would be given to each player in the match. Post-Squish, only the owner of the tower damaging a cube will receive the cash
  • Tower effects system overhaul
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    • Instead of a server to client request every time an effect is added, only the client will be involved now. This may improve lag dependent on your device and will also put less stress on the server
    • Overall, tower effects should be more consistent now and less laggy
  • Tower disabled system overhaul
    More Info
    • Along with aesthetically pleasing new tower disabled visuals, the days of towers being disabled and never being enabled again are over
  • Cubes spawned from other cubes and competitive player spawned cubes will not give cash when damaged
    More Info
    • An example being when a Mystery Cube is killed, it spawns another cube in it's place. This spawned cube will not award any cash when damaged
    • The reason for this implementation is to prevent the inflation of cash in matches
  • To account for the deflation of money in matches, being in the group will give +$100 cash instead of +$200
  • Re-added absent player tower removal
    More Info
    • If a player leaves a match, they will have up to 4 minutes to rejoin that same match if it's still running
    • After 4 minutes if the player doesn't rejoin, any towers they had placed will be automatically sold and the cash will be evenly distributed to the remaining players
  • Winter Trial minimum level requirements have been lowered for Chaos from 75+ to 50+
  • Competitive mode can now be played by anyone level 0+
  • Competitive mode cube spawning now queues the cubes instead of spawning them all at once
    More Info
    • Pre-Squish, sending a cube to the opposing team in competitive mode would have it wait a specified time, and then send it. This system would allow for unfair spamming of cubes.
    • Post-Squish, sending a cube will add it to an actual ordered queue. The queue will then send the cubes and wait the time in between each cube sent
  • Volcanic Plane map remodel/overhaul
  • Central Plaza map path overhaul
  • Removed Lost Tomb map
  • Added a step by step tutorial for new players
  • Added a number on each tower in the hot bar indicating the max amount you can have placed
  • Each player now has a limit on how many total towers they can have placed in a match
    More Info
    • The average amount of max towers you can have placed per player is 25
    • This amount will change dependent on the mode and how many players are in the match
  • Boss health bars now have a cool animation and up to 3 health bars can be on the screen at any given time
  • New setting’s option: Automatic Max Effects
    More Info
    • When enabled, the total effects you see will be limited to improve performance. This may cause many effects to be disabled, thus making it seem like towers are not functioning when they actually are.
  • Removed the Beam, Bullet, and Bubble setting’s options
  • Both the range bubble and flat range cylinder will be displayed now when placing and selecting a tower
  • All time leaderboards now display up to 100 players, instead of 50
  • Improved lobby performance significantly
    More Info
    • Streaming has been enabled in the lobby, which will result in quicker load times and higher frame rates
    • Launch pad circle beams have been removed and will only appear on the pad you are queued in
  • Converted lobby part grass to terrain grass
  • New Winter Trial map
  • You can no longer join a match queue if you have no towers equipped; This saves the trouble of accidentally going into a match without any towers
  • Cubepocalypse mode launch pads will not allow you to queue if you have an economy tower equipped
    More Info
    • Since all economy towers reward cash after each wave, Cubepocalypse has no waves, thus making the economy towers ineffective
  • Updated the owned tower beam circle visual
  • Added a cool effect for when you level up
  • Removed stars from the rewards screen
    More Info
    • Currently, stars serve no purpose. We hope to give them a purpose in a future update
  • The cash drop amount has been changed from $250 to $100 to account for the deflation of cash

Tower Changes

  • Railgun remodeled
    More Info
    • Added a visual recoil effect each time the tower fires
    • New firing sound
  • Rail Minigun remodeled
    More Info
    • New firing sound
  • Egg Cannon new visual recoil effect added
  • Poseidon’s Tomb remodeled
  • Light Turret remodeled
  • Golden Light Turret remodeled
  • Campfire perks modified
    More Info
    • Tier 1 Perk: +10% Range
    • Tier 2 Perk: +15% Range
    • Tier 3 Perk: -10% Upgrade Cost
    • Tier 4 Perk: +Shadow Sight
    • Tier 5 Perk: +10 Map Health Per Wave
  • Factory and Plantation now give cash every wave instead of every few seconds
  • Star of Xovuso now locks onto a cube and increases in damage while locked on (Similar to Lord Xovuso)
  • Sun Temple MK2 now has an attack ability similar to regular Sun Temple and boosts
    More Info
    • Tier 3 Perk: +10% Range To Temples
    • Tier 4 Perk: +20% Range To Temples
    • Tier 5 Perk: Activate Ability: +15 Damage to owned Sun Temples for 10 seconds
  • Poseidon’s Tomb can attack multiple cubes at once and will apply a slow effect
    More Info
    • The tower will strike and damage the first cube, and will ricochet off that cube and damage several other cubes in close proximity to it
    • No longer has explosions, but still heals lightning cubes
    • Applies a slow effect to any cubes hit
  • Towers like Sun Temple, Orbital Satellite, Shocker, and more, now have their effects match the skin on the tower
  • Nerfed Sun Temple entirely
  • Submarine now gives shadow sight to surrounding towers
    More Info
    • Tier 4 Perk: +Shadow Sight
  • Walls now give cash when a cube hits them
  • Anti Cube Defense will re-target a new cube if the currently targeted cube dies when launching it’s missiles
  • Plantation now has a set cash reward amount
    More Info
    • After every wave, this amount will be evenly distributed to all players in the match
    • If there is just one player in the match, the player will get the full reward amount
  • Fixed Egg Launcher and Pumpkin Launcher animations
  • Orbital Cannon and Orbital Satellite now send a target beam, waits a few seconds, and then fires
  • Finally, all stats of all towers have been changed and are now balanced

Cube Changes

  • Many cubes that existed Pre-Squish have been removed, but many have also stayed in the game
  • Most types of lead sight cubes have walking animations
    More Info
    • This is an experimental system that makes cubes appear as walking humanoids and die as such
    • Not all cubes will receive this animation, but we plan to implement it in more cubes in the future
  • The Rubik’s now has a few special abilities and effects
    More Info
    • Can disable towers in it's close proximity by launching pieces of itself at said towers
    • Can self heal every so often, so kill it quickly
  • New TNT cube visuals
  • Wizard cubes no longer heal all cubes on the map; It only heals itself
  • Raizzyam now has an epic animation and special attack
    More Info
    • Special attack will involve the dragon spraying fire at towers and disabling them