Cube map reflections?

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to achieve good reflections. It can be done by manipulating the skybox, but it’s less than ideal if you want an outdoor scene. I suggest a new reflection system where the developer can specify multiple Vector3 points for some sort of cube mapping API to sample and create cubemaps with, and they can be updated at any time. Any reflective parts will use whichever cubemap the camera is closest to. The reflections should also be static and remain in the same state it was when it was sampled for performance. This idea’s function is similar to the Source engine, where you specify points for the engine to sample and all reflective objects use the nearest cubemap.


Yes, please!

This is a feature that’s needed if we can’t have realtime reflections.

Of course, this has the potential of allowing realtime reflections - since players who have their settings on a lower setting could simply use the cubemap reflections.

Then again, I think it should be a setting under the lighting - since forcing players to use a lower quality setting, due to a lack of an advanced settings menu, would be silly in my opinion.


Would be very nice to have this implemented. I’d love to be able to make rear-view-mirrors and reflective paint on cars. In addition it would be nice to allow for reflections of a “fake” skybox for times when the skybox’s reflections wouldn’t look right (in a parking garage, for example). This would make the game be a lot more custom and allow for some cool clever effects as well.