Cup Grabber Script?

I need help creating a cup grabber script, I tried myself but the cup kept disappearing, I need to make a script where it won’t disappear so you can grab multiple.

The cup keeps disappearing, and I can’t have that happen in my real Café.

I have looked for a solution, and I couldn’t find one, so I am a hoping a talented Scripter can help me with this issue, thank you.


Could you show your script and any possible error outputs that could be occurring?

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Please add your current code. To see what problem is

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Here is both my problems.

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Above ^ is my problem, the script and the video are my problem and script.

Like, if someone clicks it, one, it will appear, and 2, they can get like multiple, if they click 5 times, they can equip 5 cups.

Is that the script I should place in the model, or the tool, or both?

Do you want me to delete the past script?

It worked! Thank you so much! The only problem we have now is… how do I make it show up?

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The cup, it won’t show up when I equip it, then click it, a cup is supposed to show up in my hang, but it doesn’t.

Sorry for the late response, the video was glitching.

Did I do something wrong? image Lol…

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Here is the link, buy it quickly so I can go ahead and put it off sale, don’t want anyone to steal it.

Is the handle anchored?
Does it teleport you to the location of the cup if you pull it out while being a few studs away?

From what I can see on the screenshot, it appears to be a common mistake where the handle has been accidentally anchored.

Do I unanchor it? The thingy, the handle?

Yes, it should work once you unachor it.


I unanchored it…

Does it teleport you to the location of the cup if you’re few studs away and pull out the cup you have in your inventory, or does it just flip you upside down?

It teleports me to the cups place.

What about the tool? Is the tool anchored?