[Currently Closed] - Scripting, Game / Concept Design, Animation, some UI Design and Terrain Making, and more titles to come!

About Me

Hello there! My username is RetroGalacticGamer, but I use DominusInfinitus, my alt account, for the devforum. I have been on roblox for many years, and it all started when a friend from school told me about it. At the time, I had no scripting or programming knowledge. A bit later, I found about you could make games using Roblox. I told my dad about it, and he helped me get started, and now, I am here! I started Roblox in the middle of 2016, and started scripting about 6 - 9 months later. For animation, I have gotten more serious with it around 3 months ago. I do some terrain and UI Design, and I have played many games and been inspired so many times that I have become very creative about games ideas, so I can also do a lot of game design!


Roblox / Lua Scripting Elements I am experienced with

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Effective Table Referencing
  • Roblox Server Client Model
  • Datastorage & Analytics
  • Weapons
  • Loading Screens
  • Currencies and stats
  • Doors
  • Almost everything else

Roblox / Lua Scripting Elements I am not very experienced with (Yet!)

  • Npcs
  • Anti-Exploit

Animation I am experienced with

  • Fighting Animations
  • Cutscene Animations / Short Films
  • Walking Animations
  • Almost everything else

Game / Concept Design

I am also pretty good at Game Design, and I have played enough games to know the norm.
I know what players generally want it games, and I know how to use note tools like Trello and sometimes discord for posting game ideas and notes.

UI Design

  • Shop Gui
  • Leaderboard Gui
  • Loading Screen Gui
  • Health Gui
  • Tutorial Gui
  • Switch Teams Gui
  • Menu Gui
  • Character Dress-up Gui
  • Showcase Gui
  • Credits Gui
  • Inventory Gui
  • Toolbar Gui
  • And much more!

Terrain Making

  • Basic Maps
  • Basic Lobbies



At this current point in time, I do not really have many things to show off for scripting. However, I recently built a work-in-progress data-store module that will be made into a package once I am done with it. You can download it right here:

DatastorageTest.lua (930 Bytes)


I have been building some testing animations and also animations for a team I am working with currently. I can do some rigging aswell.


Everything Else

I don’t have anything at the moment to showcase for everything else.



My timezone is UTC-5, or CDT. I am willing to work with people across many timezones, but they better be ready to post frequent information about what needs to be done while I am gone, so I don’t get confused.

During School

I am available to work 1-5 hours on weekdays, and almost all day on weekends. You can contact me any time unless I am asleep, but I am less able to work during the week due to school. Disclaimer: Since we are in the times of coronavirus, I am available a lot more, but once it ends, these conditions will take place).

During Summer

During the summer, I am available pretty much all the time. However, I usually wake up later in the summer, but I go to bed later, so times of work for me shift a tiny bit.

Am I available right now

It says in the title.

Collaboration requirements

If you would like to work with me for a short term, this isn’t as important, but in any case where we must collaborate, I kindly request that you keep in character to these guidelines. For jobs that require more team-based work or collaboration, I only like working with people who are focused and mature in personality. I do not care about their age, as long as they are on task and don’t crack too many jokes. I also like to be respected, and not have my work put down. If they are not doing much work, and getting a high payment, I will not agree to that either.


Please Read: Try to read ALL of the things I say about payments, as if you don’t, you could get very confused, and might think something that is incorrect or wrong about my payment preferences.

Types of Currency

I highly prefer USD via PayPal rather than robux, but if you can’t do PayPal, then robux are fine. And if you don’t have USD in PayPal, PayPal actually converts the money, so make sure when you are paying me to set it to USD. In the case where it is robux, I usually prefer group funds rather than using roblox items to make money, due to the fact that is doesn’t lose value.

USD is also easier because DevEx doesn’t allow for exchange until at 100k robux, and the money loses lots of value, which is why USD via PayPal is significantly better.

If you don’t have the money yet

There are a few things you can do if the job I am doing agrees to me a fixed sum of money and you don’t have it ready: You can use a small percentage of your game, or you can pay me later, but it will come with a small fee, usually around 1-5% increase per month (NOT COMPOUND, ONLY OFF THE ORIGINAL PAYMENT), and this can honestly it can vary a lot, whether that is in my or your favor.


For Scripting:

  • For long-term jobs, I usually prefer a start price / backup plan payment, that varies from 1000 - 57200 robux / 3.5 - 200 USD. For the main payment, I prefer a percent that is fair for scripters. Example: 25%-30% if 4 people. If the game isn’t going to be that big, I just prefer a fixed payment.
  • For short-term jobs, I usually prefer a fixed amount, that varies from 1000 - 100000 robux / 3.5 - 350 USD. I also am usually willing to negotiate a small percentage, like 5%, if you don’t have the money.


  • If I am an animator for a game, I can be paid per asset or by percent. If it is just a few animations or a one time thing, I prefer per asset.
  • Payment per animation can range from: 1 to 35 USD / OR 286 to 10000 robux. The cost depends on how long it is, how detailed it is, and how much time it takes to make. (Read 3rd Bullet point as it can have a major effect on this!)
  • If you want me to animate something bigger than a regular animation, such as a **short movie or cutscene, I will require a larger pay range of 10 to 350 USD / OR 14300 to 100000 robux.

UI Design

  • If I am an UI Designer for a game, I can be paid per UI element or by percent. If it is just a few UI elements or a one time thing, I prefer per asset.
  • Payment per UI element can range from: 5 to 70 USD / OR 1430 to 20000 robux.
    The cost depends on how long it is, how detailed it is, and how much time it takes to make.

Terrain Making

  • For terrain making, I can make some terrain maps for 10 to 105 USD / OR 2860 to 30000 robux.
  • I can also do percent, which can range from low to high depending on how much the games has.


For contact:

  • Contact me through my discord tag: RetroGalacticGamer#9213

Thanks for reading, and I hope this was worth your while! :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you be willing to join a team? I explained more in DMs.