Cursor in any studio session is always displayed as "ArrowCursor.png"

When opening studio on an empty baseplate (nothing in startergui has been changed either), the studio mouse icon will always be the UI hover icon, regardless of:

  • selected building tools (select, resize, translate, transform, rotate, etc)
  • ui editing/selection state (dragging/resizing a guiobject)
  • selected/hovered-over instance

Attached is a beautifully-produced video that showcases this bug:

This bug appears to have already been flagged by another post, and marked as resolved after a flag was flipped off.

However, the issue appears to have re-emerged recently as there are several other posts made by other forum members made within the last three days that also address this issue.

Assuming it can be resolved with just switching a flag on/off, myself and a plethora of others hope to see this fixed soon!!


I can confirm I also have been having this issue. It is annoying as it overwrites the cursor on play mode when using the select tool.
This image was taken from a recording, so excuse the quality.


Paging @smoothiecriminals @butterthebig as they handled the previous bug report

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Thank you for posting. This issue has been troubling me for the past 3 weeks. It’s really annoying.

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Just started experiencing this today, thought it was just my computer at first and did a reboot + reinstall of studio only to find the issue still present. Hoping to see this resolved soon! :pray:

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A fix for this should be in the next release of Studio. Will circle back after the release and check if this issue still occurs. Sorry about any inconvenience!


I have the opposite issue. When I hover over a part or try to do something my cursor doesn’t switch to the selecting one.

Thank you for the response!

Will the fix also address the ShiftLock cursor also not appearing properly in Studio, or would it be best if I create another bug report for that?

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Same for me, I found a similar case with the Lock Tool Icon, which does not appear. Instead it just shows the default cursor.

Bug has been fixed as of the patch that came out a few minutes ago, thank you for fixing the issue : )

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