Cursor stuck as game cursor when turning off Show Development Gui

I’ve recently started noticing, that if you’re modifiying a gui, and you turn off show development gui( a property of starterGui) your cursor gets stuck as the one that you use to move guis, also the one the that you get in-game.

Gif of what I mean:

Steps to re-produce:

Open studio,
Move a ui with your cursor,
Turn off show development gui,
You should now see your cursor looks like in the gif

You then have to re-start studio to fix it. This is a big issue because with that cursor, you cannot select items in Workspace.

System Specs:
8GB Ram
Nvida 1080 3GB Graphics
AMD Ryzen R5 6-core processor

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Hi @Little_Joes - what are you using to toggle the development GUI? I tried selecting the checkbox of the property on StarterGui, however my mouse seems to be acting correctly.


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It’s not always that, sometimes it happens after play testing or using the animation editor as I have recently discovered.