Custom Character Rig Appearing and moving face down on the floor

I’m trying to make it so my custom character rig stands up like a normal character, Do not worry this rig is entirely child friendly its just that I havent made the clothing right now and wanted to experiment with realistic-anime human rigs, however she isnt standing up would anyone seem to know?, She is fully rigged with joints

(Appears like this in game) You just appear face down and move like that
This is the children of the model :

Help would be greatly appreciated as I do not know what is causing this since it is my first attempt of doing something like this so thank you!

Where did you get the rig from?

It was a commission I paid for I have the blend file and converted it to fbx

Only thing I can think of is the Rotation Point is not alligned to what you want it to be at.
So group the nodel rotate the model to what you want it to be at, then click the edit pivot which can be found at the Model bar.


After clicking the edit pivot what do I do?

Did you move the rig to what you want its orientated to be at?

Once you’ve done that click the edit pivot. It should fix it.

I’ve done that I’ll test it now but do you think it could be anything here?

Anchorage might be useful or it will fall over…

Also set the collisions to default.

That should be it. Really. If you need anything else let me know.

I’ve anchored the HRP but it still doesn’t seem to work?
Maybe its the joint’s I have done?

What’s it supposed to do? Is it animated? If so, Un anchor it.

No it isnt animated its just a test to see if it actually works but it unfortunately doesnt stand up.
These seem fine so I dont know why it isnt working

I’d contact the person who you bought it from. They have to provide some sort of guidelines for the product. Other than that, the DevForum cannot help you. Especially as it is an external purchase for roblox. Of which really needs to be sorted by you and the producer.

I found the issue it was that the HRP wasnt correctly orientated for some reason thank you.

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Excellent! Happy it working fine.